How To Find The Best Brush To Clean Your Grill — Because Spring Cleaning Is Here


Grilling enthusiasts will tell you, there’s nothing worse than tasting last week’s fish kabobs on this week’s hamburger bun. Cleaning your grill regularly helps prevent flavors from intermingling, but it can also keep flare-ups from built-up food and grease at bay. When it comes to finding a grill brush, quality and materials can vary, so here are a few things to look for when shopping for the best grill brushes.

First, do some research on the kind of brush material your grill’s manufacturer recommends. Most grills can be cleaned with a metal brush, and durable stainless steel is the best choice. Brushes should be replaced frequently (and immediately if there’s any visible rust), since corroded bristles can break off and potentially get into your food. Some manufacturers have developed bristle-free options with flexible metal mesh that slides between grill grates, which is also a good alternative. If you want to avoid metal, you can find high-quality brushes made from nylon. Just remember, nylon is not as heat-resistant as certain metals are, so it can’t be used on hot grill surfaces.

Some brushes have scrapers for loosening stubborn particles, but they should be used carefully to avoid damaging surfaces, which can lead to rust or corrosion. Finally, look for a brush that has at least a 15-inch handle. Since it’s most effective to clean your grill while it’s warm, you’ll be able to work at a distance from heat and any particles that become dislodged.

When used regularly, the best grill brushes can ultimately extend the life of your grill.

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The Best Grill Brush, All Things Considered: GRILLART Grill Brush & Scraper

This woven wire brush from GRILLART has three rows of stainless steel bristles that are positioned vertically to slide in between grill grates. This design allows the brush to clean up to five times faster than some ordinary barbecue brushes. The long, narrow head is attached to three sturdy but flexible wires that allow you to maneuver the brush, and an 18-inch handle provides stability and safety while it’s in use. An attached metal scraper can be used for removing stuck-on meat or other food particles before brushing for a smooth grilling surface.

According to one reviewer: "I do a lot of grilling on my Weber and this thing is just phenomenal at cleaning up the mess afterwards. I've had a variety of other cleaning tools that sort of worked. [...] This works even better than my previous one did, getting between the grates and taking half the time."


The Runner-Up: Alpha Grillers 18-Inch Grill Brush

Like the overall best grill brush, this option from Alpha Grillers has a similar design with a row of three stainless steel wire bristles, but doesn’t have a scraper. The thick, twisted wire attaching the grill head to the 18-inch handle is durable so you can apply pressure for removing tough grill residue, but offers some flexibility so it is easy to handle. After use, the brush can be washed clean, and hung from the fabric loop so it stays out of the way until you need it again.

According to one reviewer: "Boy was this thing was easy to handle! He first ran the brush under a little water, per the instructions, then used a back and forth motion on the hot grill; which easily scrubbed off most of the gunk off the grill like a charm. It has 3 rows of angled, very sturdy, bristles and a scrapper on the end to rid the grill of any extra hard messes. The grill looked good as new after this easy cleaning."


The Best Bristle-Free Grill Brush: GRILLART Bristle-Free Grill Brush & Scraper

Made from coiled stainless steel mesh formed into a helix shape, this bristle-free brush looks a bit like a metal scrubber you might use for washing dishes. Also from GRILLART, the steel mesh is flexible and slides between grates for a thorough brushing without the risk of wires becoming dislodged. Above the mesh (and out of the way) is a sturdy scraper for dislodging stuck-on food particles and carbon residue prior to brushing. One note, this style of brush is best for grills with straight grates and isn’t recommended for grills with grid grates.

According to one reviewer: "I really like this grill brush! You don't have to worry about bristles breaking off and possibly getting stuck into food. It's very sturdy and well made."


The Best Nylon Grill Brush: Unicook Heavy-Duty Nylon BBQ Brush Cleaner

For anyone who wants to avoid using metal bristles or wants to be able to apply more pressure on their grill without scratching or damaging it, a nylon grill brush like this one from Unicook is a good option. The stiff bristle head attaches securely to the 17-inch handle, and can be replaced easily when it starts to wear down (replacement heads can be purchased separately here). Since nylon should only be used on cold grills, make sure to use this brush before heating your grill or after it has had time to cool down. A scraper helps loosen any stubborn particles before brushing, so it is still effective.

According to one reviewer: "I like it. It's surprising how well it cleans the bbq after it cools down. Takes maybe a bit more elbow grease than a wire brush but gets the job done. Still has the metal scraper for really hardened spots."