These Comfy Heated Slippers Will Warm Your Feet And Relax Your Muscles — Here's How

by Tiana Crump

When you want to ease your aching feet, get warm, and completely relax, you need one of the best heated slippers. These therapeutic must-haves warm up your feet and can even soothe muscle stiffness. They’re super comfy for unwinding while watching your favorite show on Netflix or reading a good book as the heat melts away your worries.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, applying heat soothes and relaxes sore muscles by increasing blood flow and inhibiting pain signals. So, if you had a long day and your feet are aching, heated slippers can help. They’re also great to have during the fall and winter months when you want to warm up and get cozy.

The heating types vary. Some slippers are microwavable, where all you have to do is heat the warming element for 30 seconds or so, and you’re good to go. Other slippers use USB charging or have to stay connected to the wall. Decide how much mobility you need when you wear them for the best bang for your buck. And depending on your preferences, you might find it helpful to search for other features like washable covers, auto shut-off to prevent overheating, and cute animal-shaped versions.

To help you with the selection process, here’s my roundup of the top-rated, fan-obsessed best heated slippers to keep your feet warm and comfy all year round.


The Best Microwave Heated Slippers

When you need some quick heat, Snookiz Microwaveable Heated Booties will do the trick. It only takes 30 seconds to heat these slippers up in the microwave. They’re designed to slowly release the heat for up to 30 minutes, making them perfect to wear before bed or when you come inside from the cold and just want to warm up.

These fuzzy slippers are soft and comfortable to wear and easy to wash in the machine when you're done. They’re also available in shades of gray, pink, blue, and red to match your favorite PJs.

What fans say: “Awesome slippers!!! I love the warm cozy feeling on a cold morning. My feet get cold easy and these are just what I needed to help warm them up.”


The Best USB-Charged Heated Slippers

For deeper heat, the Bial Heating Pad USB Slippers are a top pick. These velvet house slippers are charged via USB and features timed controls so you can warm up your feet for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The temperature is also adjustable with the maximum heat reaching 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the soles are waterproof so you could even wear them outside, and the rest of the unit is washable and bend-resistant.

What fans say: “The heated shoes are very comfy. These heated slippers are soft and comfortable. Definitely keep my feet warm in cool weather! I love the waterproof base that makes them perfect for wearing in the house and stepping outside to backyard briefly.”


The Best Heated Foot Warmer If You Don’t Need To Walk Around

The Happy Heat Electric Foot Warmer is a cordless heated foot warmer option that can be used at home or at work. This unit includes a pre-filled water bottle that heats to 140 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 minutes or less but stays warm for 2 to 5 hours. These feature an auto shut-off to avoid overheating and a detachable cord, so you don’t have to be stuck near an outlet. This foot warmer also has a machine washable fleece cover. However, since it’s a single foot unit, this is best for when you’re sitting rather than walking around the house. With a 4.6-star rating, this has plenty of fans. This works for feet up to a women's size 14 and a men's size 13, so it offers a bigger range than most slippers, too.

What fans say: “Absolutely LOVE my Happy heat feet warmer . This product is like no other on the market. No cords to drag along with the warmer unlike a heating pad, and it truly does stay nice and warm for 5 hrs. Just remove the water bag inside, plug it in to charge 15 mins and then get ready to be comfortable anywhere you like without the worry of a cord. I highly recommend the Happy heat foot warmer to everyone!”


The Cutest Heated Slippers

If you want to heat your feet with a big dose of extra cute on the side, the Smoko Heated Corgi Slippers are worth checking out. These super-plush heated slippers are shaped like adorable little Corgi puppies with floppy ears and a smile to match. You can brighten up your morning or evening with these USB heated slippers. These slippers are big, fluffy, and capable of keeping your feet super warm. You can plug them into any laptop or PC’s USB port to instantly start warming up your toes. They’re also available in toasty feline and unicorn designs, too, and works for feet up to a women's size 12.

What fans say: “These are a little big but i love them. And so do all my house guest perfect for my home office and keep my feet warm while I'm working on snow days.”


Also Great: The Best Heated Socks

For the most heated mobility and a total sock upgrade, Global Vasion Heated Socks are a great choice. With three different heating settings, you can stay warm for hours ⁠— these can even be worn in your boots. These knit socks are also great to wear for hiking, skiing, and any outdoor activity in cold weather. They’re unisex with padded heel and toe sections to keep those areas of your feet toasty. Best yet, they feature a rechargeable battery.

They’re available in five shade ranging from navy blue and green to pink. Ideal for those looking for easy mobility and those who want less weight around their feet, it works for sports and home alike.

What fans say: “These socks are a life saver! I should have gotten more than one pair! They’re easy to use and in the cold winters of the northeast I know that these will let me enjoy the outdoors longer. I highly recommend them!”

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