The 4 Best Inline Skates For Beginners

by Cliché Wynter

If you’re new to the world of inline skating, be advised: The skates you strap on will make all the difference. The best inline skates for beginners will offer a supportive boot for maximum stability and wheels designed to navigate various terrains at comfortable speeds. Some important things to look for are:

  • The boot: A skate boot with a hard shell and soft upper is great for beginners because it provides both support and comfort. You'll also want to look for a boot with a low center of gravity for extra stability.
  • Wheel size: As a novice, your inline skate wheel size shouldn’t be too small or too large, as smaller wheels make it more difficult to take on bumpy terrains and larger wheels provide speed that you may not yet be ready for. Stick to the middle of the road with wheels that are between 80 and 84 millimeters.
  • Wheel hardness: The hardness of the wheel — known as the durometer rating — is crucial to determining if the skates are best suited for indoor or outdoor use. Wheels are measured from 0 to 100 — followed by the letter A — with 0 being the softest and 100 the hardest. Softer wheels are great for indoor rink skating because they provide better grip, while harder wheels will give you more durability and speed for outdoor skating.

Scroll on for the best inline skates for beginners, and to make things easy, all these choices are either unisex or available in both men's and women's sizes.

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The Overall Best

My pick for the overall best inline skates, the Zetrablades, feature a wheel size that lands at 80 millimeters for fantastic momentum while still giving you plenty of control. The 82A hardness makes them perfect for outdoor skating since they won't wear down anytime soon, no matter what kinds of obstacles and speed bumps you skate across. But these are also versatile enough for indoor skating, too. The hybrid boot provides a comfortable and secure fit, and the low center of gravity allows for stability and balance.

According to a skater: “These were perfect! I was looking for a pair of rollerblades to do some cardio! These are smooth, I used them for 6 hours straight and never had a problem. I highly recommend these!”


The Best For Indoor Skating

If indoor skating is more your speed, the Rollerblade Bladerunner does a great job of providing comfort, stability, and control. The 78A wheel hardness gives you a good grip on smooth rink surfaces, but you'll still be able to achieve speed with the 80 millimeter wheels. The strategically placed padding makes the hybrid shell comfortable, and the skates feature a low center of gravity for stability that'll help keep you upright. Like the above option, this is a versatile pick and can work for skating outdoors, too.

According to a skater: “They are true to size, and pretty cool how the color glows in the black lights at the skate rink! They have been ridden in the street and at the arena and are still in perfect condition!"


The Best For Skateparks

The top pick for practicing tricks in the skatepark, the unisex RB Cruiser inline skates offers a padded performance liner that acts as a shock absorber to dampen vibrations. Boasting 80 millimeter wheels with 80A hardness, the skates split the difference between grip and durability, so you can take on that half pipe with confidence again and again. It offers a low center of gravity for stability, and the molded hybrid boot provides great support while still giving you options for skating versatility (read: learning some awesome tricks).

According to a skater: “These are awesome skates for practicing skills and also commuting. Very comfortable and though they are 80mm wheels but they absorb shock impressively. I started learning the power stop using them and so far so good, they turn easily due to the short frames.”

  • Available sizes: men's 6 - 14 (equivalent to women's sizes 8 - 16)


The Best Inline Skates For Kids

These inline skates for kids are size-adjustable — allowing them to grow into the pair as they continue to master the skill. The 64-millimeter wheels are sized for little ones, and the 82A hardness offers speed and grip (read: less falling down). The hybrid boot is comfy and secure, and — here's the best part — the wheels light up while you skate.

According to a skater: "These were great! My son loves them. They adjust to at least size 2. Great quality."

  • Available sizes: small (J10 - 1), X-large (9 - 11.5)


Also Good To Have: A Helmet

Falling while beginning skating is inevitable. But you can help prevent serious injuries with a skate helmet. Constructed from durable ABS plastic, the helmet features foam padding and is Consumer Product Safety Commission-compliant. In addition to its micro-adjust fit system, it includes a removable and washable liner.

According to a skater: “It's lightweight, sturdy and also adjusts for different head sizes. It's simple yet edgy. I like the little white design on the side as well!”

  • Available sizes: medium, large


Something Else To Consider: A Protective Pad Set

Round out your gear with this protective skate pad set that comes complete with knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. The elbow and knee pads are made from durable fabric and foam padding to provide protection without restricting movement. The wrist guards give rigid support and protection with high-density, impact-resistant ABS splints and four-way stretch nylon mesh. All the pads are reinforced with elastic straps with adjustable hook and loop closures, too.

According to a skater: “Great product! Value for money and protected me from falls when i was skating.”

  • Available sizes: junior - large