These Insoles Are Durable, Shock-Absorbing, & Perfect For Your Next Hike


If your feet are killing you, it's hard to enjoy even the most beautiful hike. Luckily, there are insoles specifically designed for hiking boots, and ones that have extra features, like odor blocking soles, that make them perfect for hikers. But what else distinguishes the best insoles for hiking from an average insole?

The first is support. While the amount of support you want will depend on your own personal preferences, pay special attention to the shape and cushioning of each insole. Because hiking involves so much continuous time on your feet, support is going to be an even more critical element of your search. So consider how much cushioning you need and where you need it. Do you need something with support in the heel, or is it the front of your feet that usually hurt more? What are your arches like?

Then it comes down to moisture management and odor control, which are features you'll definitely want if you're out on an all-day hike. For example, insoles with a cork design are lightweight, naturally moisture-wicking, and soft yet sturdy for extra support and comfort. As far as odor control goes, look for insoles with an extra layer of coating designed to prevent bacteria from growing and your shoes from smelling.

But, let's get to the point. Here are the best insoles for hiking to keep your feet comfy and pain-free.


Best Overall

Made specifically for hiking, these comfortable insoles are designed to easily fit inside most hiking shoes or boots. They showcase EVOlyte, a reinforced stabilizer cap that makes them extra supportive no matter how much weight you put on them. They also have a foam layer of Aerospring cushioning that absorbs shock and offers bio-mechanical memory that works like sleep foam. The heel cups even prevent the back part of your foot from slipping while also stopping your toes from hitting the front of your hiking boot.


Best For Odor Control

Rather than featuring thick, bulky material, these lightweight insoles are made from ultra-thin cork construction that provides cushioning and support without extra weight or thickness. Best of all, they have a breathable top sheet with Polygiene odor control that wicks moisture and helps keep your feet dry while you trek. These insoles are also built with open-cell foam technology for premium shock absorption and a sleek metatarsal pad that prevents the ball of your foot from receiving too much pressure as you walk, making them a great choice for hikers.


Most Affordable

While not the absolute top-of-the-line option, these affordable insoles nevertheless offer solid cushioning and reliable support to prevent your feet from getting achy and sore. They're built with a cool honeycomb design that lifts pressure from your feet and provides shock absorption, allowing you to go on longer hikes with less soreness. The heels feature a contoured layer of firm gel to deliver added stability and arch support. The full-length insoles also have a textured base to stick to your shoe and they can be trimmed down to customize the perfect fit.


Best For Wider Feet

For folks with wider feet, these thicker insoles offer soft, super shock-absorbent material in a size that will actually fit beneath your whole foot. Their patented tri-planar technology provides arch support while also helping to align your ankle joint as you trek down the trail. The extra-soft heel cup redistributes pressure and minimizes the repetitive stress. "I've had these for 3 months now & all I have to say is WOW!!!! " said one excited Amazon customer. "My healspurs & fasciitis (haven’t) bothered me at all! I absolutely love these!!!"

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