These Quality Jump Ropes Will Take Your Cardio Game To The Next Level


Looking for an alternative exercise method that keeps you moving, challenges you, and helps your heart healthy? The best jump ropes for cardio give you all those things in an ultra portable package, making it easy to squeeze in a quick sweat session anywhere.

Jump ropes are excellent for cardiovascular exercise, and when you're choosing the best jump rope, you'll want to consider a few often-overlooked factors.

First of all, not all jump ropes are created equal. There are different handles — some have cushioned grips for lightweight comfort, while others have offer slip-proof foam textures and built-in jump trackers — that determine how fast the rope spins. And then, equally important, is the type of rope. You obviously want something durable and highly-recommended by reviewers and personal trainers alike, but do you want to customize its length or replace it down the line? These features exist... if you know where to look.

To take the guess work out of your jump rope hunt, I've compiled a list of the some of the best options. Read on to find the one that'll take your exercise game up a notch (read: jump), then shop for the best yoga mats for beginners, too.


The Overall Best Adjustable Rope For Cardio

This EliteSRS Fitness Boxer Training Jump Rope 2.0 is the overall best for a number of reasons. It's durable, boasting a 10-foot rope that can withstand hardcore use, with lightweight handles and a customizable snap lock system. Just slide the end to your desired length, and snip off the excess. The best part? It comes in five different color options and is backed by a two-year warranty.

What fans say: "Exactly what I was looking for. Very easy to adjust the length of the rope. Has stood up to weeks of use. Great value, plan to repurchase when my current rope needs to be replaced."


Also Great: A Similar Jump Rope With Ball-Bearings For Even Rotation & Comfortable Foam Handles

The King Athletic Jump Rope is another great cardio jump rope option, because, unlike EliteSRS', it has ball bearings to ensure even rotation. What's more, King Athletics' has ergonomic foam handles for an easy grip and comes with two bonus eBooks. It's slightly shorter than the one above (9.4 feet) and is only available in the pictured black color, but get this: If something happens to it, the company will send you a new one with a full refund.

What fans say: "Nicely balanced rope with easy to use adjustments."


An Extra Durable Rope That Comes With A Replacement Cord

At just $10 for the Temple Tape Speed Rope and a replacement 10-foot cord, this pick packs the best value. Like the one above, it has ball bearings to help regulate speed. However, unlike the other options on this list, it has a built-in protection system for its (slightly thinner) 2.5-millimeter-thick cord. A light, flexible tube located in the center protects it from damage on harder surfaces. Should any issues arise, though, it's also backed by a lifetime warranty.

What fans say: "Excellent speed rope. I use it all the time and it’s super easy to adjust, comfortable in my hands & pretty durable."


An Alternative Rope With Digital Handles & A Cordless Jumping Option

The Showpin Digital Jump Rope is a great alternative rope for anyone who wants to keep track of their jumps, calories burned, or time spent — and for a relatively inexpensive price. It can be used with its anti-slip, silicone PVC cord or without, saving you tons of space and preventing any annoying rope burns. The handles have a clear, accurate, and easy-to-reset LCD display, and the battery is included. Get it in two colors, black or pink.

What fans say: "I really like these because my dog jumps in the way of a normal jump rope and I end up hitting him with it so I can't get the workout done. This weighted one works great I love it and jump roping is more of a workout than I remembered. Every time I go by it I do 50 and continue on my day."

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