These Keurig Alternatives Brew The Best Single-Serve Cup Without The Hefty Cost


Keurigs are loved for quick and easy cups of coffee, but they’re not your only option for a morning cup. The best Keurig alternative can make your go-to single-serve brew, usually at a lower cost, and often with additional features with eco-friendly benefits.

Keurig alternatives are largely single-serve coffee machines favored for convenience, but some also make espresso and lattes. Single-serve coffee makers offer one or more cup sizes for brewing, usually as small as a couple ounces for espresso or up to 12 ounces — just make sure the K-cups or reusable pods are compatible with your unit. Machines with removable trays can also accommodate taller travel mugs.

Your coffee maker’s reservoir size will dictate how often you’ll need to refill the tank with water. A larger reservoir requires less frequent refills but will take up more room on your counter. Keep in mind removable reservoirs are typically easier to clean and refill.

Automatic shutoff is a key feature to look for in terms of safety and energy conservation. Some machines can also be programmed to brew your preferred cup size, temperature, or brew strength.

With all this in mind, below are the best Keurig alternatives to add to your kitchen. Each one is highly rated on Amazon, including one pick with more than 10,000 reviews.

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The Overall Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

This single-serve coffee maker brews a cup of coffee in less than a minute. Plus, many reviewers commented they like the flavor from this machine even better than a cup from a Keurig.

Choose from five sizes ⁠— 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces ⁠— and you can even remove the drip tray to accommodate the height of a travel mug. Its removable 45-ounce reservoir lets you brew six cups or more before needing to refill it.

This highly rated pick with more than 1,000 reviews is compatible with most K-cup and reusable cups, and it has automatic shutoff if not in use for more than two hours.

A helpful review: “[...] It does everything a Keurig does at about half the cost. I have had the Mixpresso for a year and it gets used multiple times each day and it has always operated perfectly so the quality seems to be excellent ... The controls on the machine are simple and easy to use. The water reservoir is super easy to take out and fill and the brewed coffee comes out great every time! I would highly recommend this coffee maker to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.”


The Best Mini Coffee Maker

If you're short on counter space, try a mini coffee maker. This pick brews single-serve coffee in a compact size that's actually lighter, smaller, and less expensive than Keurig's mini coffee maker. Reviewers commented that this machine takes a little longer to brew — it can brew one cup in three minutes — but one shopper gushed that "the taste is phenomenal."

Fill the reservoir and brew up to a 10-ounce cup. For safety and convenience, this highly rated coffee maker shuts off automatically. The pod container is compatible with all single-cup capsules. Its reservoir is not removable, but it features a removable drip tray.

A helpful review: “It’s a winner ... The size is perfect to fit under the kitchen cabinets [or] on the countertop. I made a cup of coffee with cold water from the refrigerator. The machine had no problem making the water hot, hot. It makes a hot, hot cup of coffee."


The Best Hybrid: A Single-Serve And Drip Coffee Maker In One

Sometimes you may want a quick cup, while other times you may want a whole pot of coffee for everyone in the house. If this sounds like your mornings, a single-serve and drip coffee maker in one is for you. This 2-in-1 coffee maker is a cult favorite with more than 10,000 reviews; it can brew a 10-cup carafe of coffee or a single cup of coffee (up to 10 ounces with a K-cup, up to 14 ounces with ground coffee). The coffee maker comes with a reusable filter for the single-serve size, and the cup rest (which stores the pod holder) adjusts to fit travel mugs. It takes about three minutes to brew a single serve cup of coffee and this machine has an auto shut-off function.

The carafe can be programmed to brew up to 24 hours in advance (though like others on this list, it's not a feature that applies to the single-serve side). Brewing will pause automatically if the carafe is removed to pour a cup, and you can select a regular or bold brew. You'll also appreciate that the carafe is stainless steel, so it's durable and helps maintain the coffee's temperature. It has two separate reservoirs, and although neither is removable, convenient water windows on each reservoir make it obvious when refills are needed.

A helpful review: “ ... The Hamilton Beach FlexBrewer is a truly remarkable coffee maker. I can easily make a pot; a cup with a compostable or regular pod; or a cup with their proprietary pod in which you add your own freshly ground coffee. I love the fact that the pot of coffee stays hot for 2 hours. The coffee from either of the methods provides a much better tasting cup than ever came out of our Keurig's. It takes a little longer to make and a smidge more effort, but so worth it! I'm saving the planet one pod at a time... and we're enjoying better coffee while doing so! [...]”


The Best Espresso And Cappuccino Maker

For quick cups of coffee and the option to brew espresso or cappuccinos, you'll want this Nespresso coffee machine. This pick is on the higher end, but you'll have access to especially delicious cafe-quality coffee drinks without ever having to leave your home. Though the Nespresso pods can be pricier, and this machine is not compatible with K-cups, some reviewers commented that the coffee drinks from this machine taste much better than those from a Keurig.

This machine has a 40-ounce removable reservoir and you can choose from five sizes: 1.35 (espresso), 2.7 (double espresso), 5, 8, or 14 ounces. The richer flavor is in part a result from this machine's extraction technology, which spins a capsule 7,000 times per minute.

This machine shuts off automatically after nine minutes, and you can program your preferred cup size to brew — it can accommodate up to eight cups. It has a removable drip tray and takes just 15 to 20 seconds to heat up.

A helpful review: “I had a Keurig a few years ago but didn’t love the coffee selections or plastic factor. I’ve been living off of French press and pour over for the last three years but wanted a super quick, single cup option for the mornings when I don’t have time for a 15 minute coffee ritual. I’ve had this machine for about six weeks now and can confidently say that this Nespresso makes a great cup of coffee, is easy to use, and looks decent on the counter.”