The 4 Best King-Size Pillows

Crawling into bed with a luxurious king-size pillow is one of life's simple pleasures. But if your pillow doesn't fit your sleeping style, you'll spend the night tossing and turning, or wake up achy and sore. The best king-size pillows will possess the ideal thickness and firmness to suit your personal sleep habits. Before shopping, consider the position you normally sleep in:

  • Back sleepers: If you sleep face up, you'll want a pillow that's thin in size with medium firmness. This helps cradle your neck and keeps your head from being thrust forward. (Pro tip: Put another pillow under your knees to help align your spine).
  • Side sleepers: Folks who sleep on their side do best with pillows that land right in the middle, with medium thickness and medium firmness. This fills the gap between your neck and shoulders while keeping your back in a straight line.
  • Stomach sleepers: If, like me, you sleep on your stomach, the key to fighting "smooshed-up-face-syndrome" is a pillow that's extra slender. The thinner your pillow, the less likely you'll be to kink up your neck and wake up with backaches.

Once you've thought about your sleeping habits, consider basic pillow qualities like softness and breathability. Goose down or memory foam with a ventilated design tend to be the best fillings to help keep you cool.

With this in mind, here are the best king-size pillows of every style.

The Best Overall

What's great about it: This versatile king-size memory foam pillow is an awesome all-around choice due to its adjustable loft, which you can customize to the specific height you desire. That means whether you sleep on your back, side, stomach, or all three, it will be comfortable. The pillow has high-quality memory foam that fans say is super soft and molds perfectly to the contours of your neck. As a bonus, the material is derived from bamboo, so it's antimicrobial, making it resistant to mold and other allergens, too.

What fans say: "Doesn’t matter what position I sleep in, it is wonderful all the way around. Officially best pillow I ever bought in my entire life... If you’re looking for a softer pillow that gives you the perfect amount of neck and shoulder support this is exactly what you’re looking for."

The Best Pillow For Back Sleepers

What's great about it: Constructed with ultra-soft goose down, this comfy king-size pillow is a fantastic choice for back sleepers due to its height and density. It's thin but not too thin, with medium-level firmness. Inside, the goose feathers form a fluffy headrest which reviewers say feels like heaven to lie down on. On top of all that, the 100 percent cotton exterior is durable with sturdy piped edges and reinforced seams.

What fans say: "Perfect sleeping pillows for both back and side sleepers. I only use goose feather pillows for my neck issues and my [doctor] also recommended them for my neck. Great pillows for the price!"

The Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

What's great about it: Designed for side sleepers, this king-size cotton pillow is extra firm to give you the density you need when lying on your shoulder. On top of that, it has medium thickness, which is just the right size to fit under your neck comfortably. The pillow has a 2-inch gusset to cradle your neck, offering extra support, and it's machine-washable, too. Reviewers say it works great for sleeping on your side.

What fans say: "I am a side sleeper, hard to find the support needed. This pillow did the job!!!"

The Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

What's great about it: At around 2.5 inches in height, this king-size pillow for stomach sleepers is as close to flat as you can find in a larger size. Being extra thin, it's designed with stomach sleepers in mind, though it works for back sleepers, as well. The machine-washable cover is made with a blend of polyester and rayon that feels soft and silky against your cheeks. As a bonus, the memory foam is filled with small gel particles and ventilation holes that prevent you from overheating.

What fans say: "As a stomach sleeper, I feel my new pillow is here to stay! Since I started using it no more head [or] neck pain... Would def recommend if you like slim pillows!"

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