Keep Your Cutlery Sharp & Organized With These Sturdy Knife Blocks

In a perfect world, your kitchen knives are always sharp, easy-to-find, and within arm's reach. This dream can become a reality when you add one of the best knife blocks to your countertop (or drawer!). A well-placed knife block will help make kitchen prep significantly more seamless — as long as you choose one that fits your specific needs.

The most important factors to consider are the quantity and the size of knives the block holds. Around 15 slots should be suitable for the typical at-home chef, but if you have a more exhaustive collection of cutlery, you may want something larger. On my list below, you'll find blocks that offer a variety of capacities.

As for size, it's worth noting that most countertop blocks won't fit anything much bigger than an 8-inch chef's knife. But if you have the space for an in-drawer block, those tend to be more accommodating (and I've included one on my list). For added convenience, you may also want compartments for bulkier tools, like shears or a honing steel (aka a knife sharpener).

If you're looking for a block that comes with a full set of knives, you should check out these budget-friendly knife sets. Otherwise, continue on to find the best knife block for your needs.


The Overall Best: A High-Quality Bock That Holds The Most Knives

Capacity: 23 knives, 1 pair of shears, and 1 honing steel

Dimensions: 12 by 6.5 by 9.5 inches

What's great about it: Made to fit the most robust knife set, this Wüsthof knife block has the highest capacity of all the options on this list, with room for 23 knives, as well as shears and a honing steel. Of course, this means it also takes up the most counter-space, but with its attractive acacia construction, you probably won't mind.

The top portion of the block features horizontal slots, rather than vertical, to keep pressure off your blades so they'll remain as sharp as possible. Like most countertop blocks, it's suitable for knives with blades up to 8-inches in length. Between its significant weight (8 pounds) and the grippy rubber feet on the bottom, this block is sure to stay firmly in place as you reach to grab that steak knife.

What fans say: "This is not only [a] very attractive (and heavy) wood knife block but it holds everything without damaging razor sharp blade edges ... Pricy, but well worth it as it will probably last a few lifetimes."


Also Great: A Smaller, But More Affordable Block

Capacity: 13 knives, 1 pair of shears, and 1 honing steel

Dimensions: 9.8 by 5.5 by 7.4 inches

What's great about it: With a smaller footprint than my previous pick, this Coninx knife block is a great way to save both money and countertop space. Constructed with a durable combination of acacia and rubberwood, it offers a total of 15 slots (including one for kitchen shears and one for a honing steel). Rubber feet provide reliable traction, so the block won't slip around on your countertop. With this block, the largest slots are 8.6 inches deep and 2 inches wide, which means it should fit an 8-inch chef's knife but nothing much bigger.

What fans say: "The knife block is exactly what I was expecting. Quality is really good and the color and finish of the wood is quality. I was able fit a large assortment of knives into it and out of my drawer. Very happy with the product [and] would order from this company again."


The Most Unique: A Transparent Block That Lets You See The Blades

Capacity: 18 knives

Dimensions: 3 by 8.5 inches

What's great about it: If you're looking for something that's both sleek and striking, this Kuhn Rikon knife block is a sure crowd-pleaser, with hundreds of five-star reviews. The unique block offers a universal fit for knives with blades up to 8-inches in length, with an 18-knife capacity. Made with thick, clear plastic, it can be taken apart for easy washing when needed, and it's available in a circular or rectangular design. The one drawback is that it won't fit any special tools, like shears or a honing steel.

What fans say: "This is a terrific knife block for someone (like me) who has a random assortment of knives. You can see each blade so selecting the right knife is easy. It seems solid, [comes] apart so you can clean it, has a nice narrow profile so it doesn't take up much space. I have about 15 knives in mine and now I use them. Before they were in a drawer with blade covers, hard to identify."


4.Best In-Drawer Block: A Space-Saving Block That Holds Extra-Long Knives (As Well As Shorter Ones!)

Capacity: 16 knives and 1 honing steel

Dimensions: 17 by 11.5 by 2 inches

What's great about it: For a space-efficient alternative to the countertop model, this Noble Home & Chef in-drawer knife block allows you to keep your cutlery neatly tucked away. Designed to lay flat in a drawer, it measures 17 inches long, 11.5 inches wide, and 2 inches high — but as one reviewer learned the hard way, you'll want to factor in any height that your knives will add when placed in it (especially if the knives have a curved or irregularly shaped handle). Made with top-quality, eco-friendly bamboo, this block is designed to keep knives safely in place, no matter how eagerly you open or close the drawer. Best of all, it can fit knives up to 16 inches in total length (including the handles).

What fans say: "Very sturdy and high quality knife holder. Will hold knives with blades around 10" long or less. Size matches what is listed online so it fit my drawer perfectly and looks much better than the scattered mess I had before. Upgraded my knife set to higher quality stuff and wanted better protection for them, this fits the bill perfectly!"

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