The 4 Best Litter Boxes For Cats That Spray


Nobody likes to talk about it, but the truth is that feline inappropriate elimination (aka kitties peeing where they aren't supposed to) is one of the biggest problems pet parents usually have to deal with. While the best litter boxes for cats that spray are designed to keep a pet's business closed off, there are typically other underlying reasons that cats tend to miss the box, too.

According to experts, cats may be turning their noses up at their litter boxes due to a medical problem, urine marking, or actual aversion to their current dedicated poop spot. Your vet can be the best judge for sure, but if you suspect it's because your cat simply aims high, a new litter box may be all you need to change things.

Worried that your cat's peeing habits are because their box is too small for comfort? If your feline aims high and you're eager to help them out, searching for the best high-sided litter boxes like the ones featured in this round-up could be the best way to go. Whether you prefer the convenience of an automatic litter box or you need something that'll fit easily into a small corner, these are the best litter boxes for cats that spray so you can contain messes and keep your house from getting dirty in the process.

1The Best Overall, All Things Considered

Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box


This basic litter box features 10-inch high walls that are perfect for containing spillage. Not to mention, it's built with antimicrobial protection and odor-blocking technology, to keep your living space smelling fresh and clean.

This immensely popular high-sided litter box from Nature's Miracle comes with 10-inch high walls that can help keep litter granules and basically everything else totally in place. Made out of a non-stick surface with antimicrobial protection and odor-blocking technology, this box helps make smells less of an issue because you don't have to worry about bacteria accumulating within your litter. It also comes with a spout that's easy to clean and big enough in size that larger cats can also move in and out with ease. Compared to other models, this box has a low point of entry, so geriatric cats can step in and out without putting unnecessary impact on their tender paws and bones. One reviewer wrote: "Our cat has trouble keeping everything in the litter box, but won’t go into one that is fully enclosed. This is the perfect solution for her!!!!"

2The Best Top Entry Litter Box

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box


This top-entry litter box might have a learning curve for cats, but it's the single best way to keep everything contained and out of sight, particularly for cats who spray. Not to mention, it only costs $18, so you can give it a try without breaking the bank.

Top-entry litter boxes like this one can take a little getting used to, especially if your furry companion is on the skittish side. But Amazon reviewers claim it's actually (paws down) one of the very best options if you're looking to prevent litter scatter, contain spraying, and generally keep your cat's box business in tip-top condition. Equipped with a large top entryway for easy entry and exit, this BPA-free pick has small holes on the lid that'll help remove litter particles from a cat's paw. Plus this litter box features a rounded shape and comes with its own litter scoop, making short work of messes. Available in a few different colors, this box also has a modern look that can compliment a variety of spaces.

3The Best For Tight Spaces

SmartCat Corner Litter Box


The triangular shape of this litter box makes it great for fitting in corners (and taking up less of your space), and its walls are high to contain spray and spills. It also has a litter fill line, and a wide opening for older cats, or cats with mobility issues.

This corner litter box from SmartCat is designed in a convenient triangular shape that's great for fitting into tight spaces or areas where you really need to make the most of your room. It comes with high sides that help keep litter inside and can also help high-aiming felines contain their business. Since it comes with a litter fill line, you'll never have to worry about using too much litter. This triangular box is also made with an 8-inch opening in the front, which cats will have an easy time walking or leaping through. "It’s great for when cats want to push and kick back the litter so there’s no fall out," wrote one reviewer, who also made sure to note the cons to this one too. "But it’s hard to hide It and be [discreet]. However I did love that I can squeeze IT in any corner."

4The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box


This self-cleaning litter box features three walls and a roof to contain spray. While you'll need to use a special litter with it, and it's a bit pricey, this is the best investment if you're looking for a way to eliminate "clean litter box" from your to-do list.

Unlike the other picks on this list, this automatic litter box comes with a hooded cover and self-cleans for literally weeks at a time, which means you'll be off the hook for scooping, cleaning, and refilling. This box is made with a durable plastic lining that delivers extra protection against leaks and is super-effective at squashing smelly spillage. While the price tag is a big jump from other options on this list, this option comes in two color options (purple as pictured here or gray) and the company specially-designed a crystal non-clumping litter you can (and should) use with this box. It's also 99-percent dust-free and is close to five times more effective at taking care of odors than ordinary litter, so this investment is worth the money.

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