This Mezzaluna Knife Is The Kitchen Tool You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Cutting board with parsley and mezzaluna knife on wooden table

With the unmistakable half-moon shape it’s named after, the best mezzaluna knife quickly chops herbs, nuts, garlic, and more without requiring great knife skills or a food processor. Yet, not all mezzalunas are created equal, so it's important to consider a few key factors.


The first thing to look for in a mezzaluna (or rocking knife) is the number of blades. While extra blades can provide more speed, food also can get annoyingly caught in between them. For that reason, stick to a single blade or, if quickness is key, choose a dual blade with ample space between blades.

From there, consider the blade's length, which tends to range from 5 to 14 inches. For larger or denser food items, a longer blade can tackle more volume and offers more efficiency and versatility. Yet, if you plan to use your mezzaluna primarily for small batches of herbs, a smaller blade will provide greater agility.


Mezzalunas are also available with one or two handles. A double handle — with one mounted on each end of the blade — is best for high-volume chopping because the style is conducive to the rocking motion used with this knife. However, if you’re looking to slice pizza or the occasional bunch of herbs, the controlled motion of a single handle may be all you need — plus, the knife will be easier to store.


Next up, let's talk materials. Wooden handles on knives may be aesthetically pleasing, but they can be slippery, which means only synthetic-handled knives made the cut here for stability. As for a long-lasting blade, go for mezzalunas made with quality stainless steel blades.

With all this in mind, it's time to shop for the best mezzaluna knife to help you chop. All of these knives are highly rated on Amazon.


The Overall Best Single-Blade Mezzaluna

Wusthof is a well-known and well-loved brand for knives, and its 9-inch mezzaluna is no exception. The high-carbon stainless steel blade is laser cut in Germany and mounted with two synthetic handles that are compression riveted to the blade's full tang for a sturdy grip. With a single long blade, reviewers love this mezzaluna for quickly chopping herbs and creating restaurant-inspired chopped salads, and Wusthof even recommends it for mincing spices. Just be sure to wash this one by hand.

Fans say: “Nice piece of cutlery from a trusted source. Highly recommended blades. Easy to sharpen and holds an edge rather well.”


The Best Double-Blade Mezzaluna

For more speed, this double-blade mezzaluna — with 7-inch stainless steel blades — features two steady, ergonomic polypropylene handles. The dishwasher-safe knife also comes with a five-year warranty and is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. While it ticks a lot of boxes, the gap between blades is only a half an inch, so you may experience food getting stuck in between the blades. If the extra chopping speed of two blades isn't worth the extra-cleaning, stick with the top single-blade choice above.

Fans say: “Herb slicing made easy. The double blade provides a greater surface area so you can cut more at once. Blades are really sharp so these herbs really don't stand a chance. I find myself using it on other things like garlic and stuff too and they don't stand a chance too. Clean up is easy, I just run it under the sink and wipe dry.”


The Best For Slicing Pizza

With a single blade extending 14 inches, a few quick cuts easily slices a pizza without dragging the toppings. This stainless steel mezzaluna knife is highly rated with more than 450 reviews, and besides cutting pizza, it also cleanly slices flatbreads, cold meats, and fruits and veggies. Two flat handles running along the blade's length are a slight variation from the more traditional handlebar-style knife, but they still allow for a rocking motion. Plus, the high-impact plastic handles are ergonomically designed for easy gripping. This pick is also dishwasher-safe (though hand-washing is recommended) and comes with a plastic sheath for safe storage.

Fans say: “Very good quality and sharpness and the handles are convenient. Works so much better [than] the round cutters. Much neater."


The Best Mezzaluna & Chopping Board Set

Though a mezzaluna can be used with a flat chopping board, reviewers love this mezzaluna and chopping board set with a concave indentation designed specifically for the knife's single 8-inch blade. The board's bowl shape keeps herbs and vegetables in place while chopping. A single synthetic handle runs along the top of this high-carbon stainless steel blade that's compression riveted for a secure grip. This knife's design allows for one-handed use while cutting herbs, making pesto, and chopping onions or other vegetables. This Wusthof mezzaluna knife and board should be washed by hand.

Fans say: “I love this tool. I know what they say about having too many tools, but this is seriously one of my favorite kitchen tools ever. It is so easy to finely chop herbs with this. With a regular cutting board and knife I would send them all over the board, and would have pieces that just never seemed to cut through right. This rocks, literally, you just rock it back and forth through the herbs. It is easy to scoop things into pile and keep chopping until desired size. Knife is really sharp and I haven't had to sharpen it yet, so it holds its edge really well.”

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