You Won't Believe How Easy It Is To Poach An Egg With These Microwaveable Gadgets


Poaching eggs is a great way to get a delicious runny yolk and cook without adding fat or oil — but it can also get tricky very quickly. Those in the know (including restaurants) have long been making it easy on themselves by poaching in the microwave. Whether you're looking for a perfect egg to top a salad, English muffin, or something else, the best microwave egg poachers are here to make it easy on you.

Most microwave egg poachers essentially work the same, as a container made of microwave-safe materials to hold the eggs while they are in the microwave. However, beyond that, there can be significant differences like how many you can make at a time or if there is a lid that makes it easy to pack for lunch in the same container. Finally, you'll want to consider if you're looking for features like the ability to be able to add toppings or if a handle to avoid ouches makes a difference for you.

However, no matter what kind of poacher you choose, you might need to play with the length of cook time depending on the power of your microwave. And when it comes to the microwave poacher styles that require cracking an egg, it's a good idea to poke the yolk through a couple of times to minimize the chances of microwave explosions.

If you're done agonizing over how to swirl and vinegar water for the perfect poached eggs, find the best microwavable fixes below.


The Overall Best Microwave Egg Poacher

With clever features like handles and even a fork included so you can easily transport the cups without burning yourself, these silicone egg cups make poaching in the microwave easy. The cooked eggs slip out easily of the trays, especially with a spritz of oil or cooking spray, and can be sprinkled on top with veggies, cheese, and other toppings.

It's best to poke the yolk of the eggs before sliding them in the microwave to avoid possible messes and you'll be surprised to find that the yolk stays intact when you do. With a 4.4 overall rating after more than 100 reviews, there are plenty of fans for this dishwasher-safe, stackable gadget.


A Tried-And-True Best-Selling Option

While it doesn't have the handle or the fork, these best-selling silicone egg poaching cups have more than 900 five-star reviews with fans raving: "I used to use a bowl with a little bit of water to microwave eggs, but these silicone cups are a lot easier to clean, and work great. Just microwave (with a paper towel to stop the egg from popping), then rinse and toss in the dishwasher."

Reviewers especially liked the strong, stable ring at the bottom that kept the eggs from tipping over. Microwave-safe and easy to clean in the machine, they're a crowd favorite that also works over the stove. Stackable, dishwasher safe, and also great for over-the-stove cooking, it's an easy solution that'll make sure your eggs aren't just cooked but perfectly shaped.


The Cutest Option Egg Poacher

To use these little chicken-shaped egg poachers, drop a whole egg into the base and close the lid. The wings work as safety buckles so when you steam the eggs in their own shells in the microwave, you avoid messes. While some customers had to play with the timing to get their ideal doneness level, and this takes about 3 minutes to use rather than one or two, most found it to cook delicious eggs while being very, very cute.


A Poacher That Doubles As Storage Container

Perfect for those who want to bring their poached eggs for lunch, this microwave- and dishwasher-safe little egg poacher unit doubles as a food storage container that is safe for the freezer and fridge. With smart features like a steam vent to help prevent messes and easy-to-carry tabs, it's a well-considered option with a 4.5-star overall rating that also works for omelets.

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