Skip The Gym & Work Out In Your Living Room With These Trampoline Rebounders

Fitness women jumping on small trampolines,exercise on rebounder

When you don't want to embark on a long jog or can't go to the gym, a fitness trampoline is a great way to get cardio in the comfort of your own home. But when it comes to choosing the best mini trampoline rebounder for you, it depends on your personal needs: Some models are foldable and easy to store, while others collapse into an incline for challenging workouts. You'll also want to decide if you'd like handlebars for more support. Then, you'll want to decide between rebounders with either steel springs or bungees to support the jumping mat. Here are the differences:

  • Rebounders with bungees: While both bungees and springs offer a consistent level of resistance as you jump, bungees generally provide better rebound. They’re also much quieter than springs and safer for your feet (since steel springs can pinch your skin if you accidentally land on them). The tradeoff, however, is that bungees don't last as long as steel springs.
  • Rebounders with springs: Fitness trampolines made with steel springs are generally more durable than bungee rebounders. Plus, the springs are easier to replace if one breaks. Nearly every spring fitness trampoline features a safety cover around the rim in case you accidentally bounce away from the center of the jump mat, too. However, they're typically louder than bungee rebounders and can be harder on your joints.

Most mini trampoline rebounders come with diameters between 40 and 50 inches. So you'll also want to consider how much room your exercises will require. Regardless of your preferences, there's a trampoline rebounder that can help you work up a sweat.

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The Best Mini Trampoline Rebounder With Springs

Whereas most fitness trampolines only fold in half, this model — which is 40 inches wide — is designed to fold into quarters, making it ideal for anyone short on storage space. It's also unique in that you can collapse the legs down so that it sits at an incline, allowing you to incorporate upper body exercises and other techniques into your workout. It uses springs which are concealed with a protective covering. Not to mention, the jumping surface is non-slip, and the trampoline feet are stabilized with rubber. Each order also comes with a pair of weighted gloves, two workout DVDs, as well as access to online videos. If you're looking for value, this bundle is a great bet.

What fans write: "I searched for an easily collapsible rebounder for a long time and I am very pleased with this one. [...] I love this one because I can fold the legs down and slide it under my bed so it’s completely out of view when not in use. I don’t even have to completely collapse it. It’s no trouble at all. I was afraid that the springs would be noisy (and I was willing to chance that for an easily collapsible option), but it’s not. It’s sturdy and feels very secure. I would happily buy this product again.”

  • Weight capacity: 330 pounds


The Best Trampoline Rebounder With Bungees

This rebounder is made with quiet bungees and each order comes with an optional safety cover for the exposed cables. The 50-inch diameter gives you more room than the first pick, and it even features an adjustable handrail that you can use to help keep yourself steady while bouncing. Similar to the first option, the feet on this rebounder have rubber toppers for added security, and the surface boasts non-slip qualities. However, this one can't be folded up — so you'll have to make room for storage.

What fans write: "So glad I went with the bungee rebounder! It's nice and quiet, allowing me to use it any time of day or night without disturbing anyone else in the house. I was a little worried about the size because it's so hard to tell in the photos, but it's perfect! big enough, but not too big for my space. easily moveable."

  • Weight capacity: 286 pounds


The Budget Pick: A Spring Rebounder For Less Than $100

If you're trying to stick to a budget, this 40-inch spring rebounder is a good option that still offers plenty of features. This trampoline folds in half for easy storage and the safety wrap covers the steel spring suspension system to help prevent pinches and injuries. The weight capacity, however, is a little lower at only 220 pounds.

This one also has rubber-capped legs to prevent skidding, but there's no mention of a non-slip jumping platform. This one's also offered in a 38-inch diameter for $70 (and it folds twice instead of once for those short of space).

What fans write: "This is great for a fun, low impact work out using equipment that doesn't take up a bunch of space or cost a lot of money. It arrived well-packed and was easy (for my husband) to assemble."

  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds


A Heavy-Duty Bungee Rebounder That Supports Up To 450 Pounds

Though this 40-inch rebounder isn't foldable or collapsible, it is built to be extra durable and can safely support up to 450 pounds, the largest capacity on this list. The suspension system is lined with bungees for optimal rebound — however, there's no mention of a safety cover around the edges or a non-slip jumping surface. Still, the feet on this trampoline are capped with skid-preventing plugs for durability. This style is only offered in red, but there are two different picks in green and red that offer smaller jumping areas for a little less.

What fans write: "Absolutely wonderful product. The assembly is only tough if you don't follow the directions given in the booklet or video. It's so much fun to use and an incredible workout."

  • Weight capacity: 450 pounds