4 Natural & Non-Irritating Mascaras Made With Clean, Non-Toxic Ingredients


Shopping for natural and organic skin care products is hard enough, but shopping for clean makeup is a whole other level of difficult. If you're trying to transition into a greener beauty routine, mascara is often one of the most important places to start, since the product goes so close to your eyes. Similarly, if you've noticed your eyes itch or sting whenever you put on mascara, trying using one of the best natural mascaras instead; you won't find any common irritants or allergens in these eco-friendly formulas.

Because there is no real industry standard definition as to what constitutes a "natural" beauty product, it's up to you to decide what ingredients you want to avoid. Typically, anything that doesn't contain parabens, propylene glycol (a common allergen), parrafin, petroleum, or synthetic fragrance is a safe bet, though the most conscious natural makeup brands will leave out mineral oil, silicones, coal, lead, and even gluten as well — ingredients that can unfortunately be found in many mainstream formulas. Another good tip is to look out for a mascara that says its hypoallergenic, which poses less of a risk of irritation.

Below, find five of the best natural and non-toxic mascaras that work just as well as their mainstream counterparts.


Best Natural Mascara/Primer Duo

Get two natural beauty products in one with this mascara/primer duo from Honest Beauty. Made without paraffins, synthetic fragrance, parabens, and silicones, the dual-ended tube contains mascara on one side and primer on the other. The primer ensures every lash gets evenly coated, while the mascara itself delivers long, full, defined lashes. Using the primer will also help your mascara stay on longer and look more vibrant — just make sure you allow it to dry for 30 seconds before proceeding to step two.

"My eyelashes are soooo long and thick looking," raves one fan. "I love how clean the ingredients are and how amazing this product works. I used toxic mascaras my whole life and I’ve never gotten these results." Multiple other reviewers call it their "favorite mascara" and "the best [they've] ever used."


Best Natural Waterproof Mascara

From cult-favorite Australian natural brand Ere Perez comes this waterproof mascara formulated with nourishing plant-based oils and other natural ingredients. It's free of all the most common known irritants, including that pesky propylene glycol so many people are allergic to, and is instead enriched with avocado oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and mamey oil to keep lashes conditioned and soft. It adds volume, length, and best of all stays waterproof for up to 24 hours.

"This mascara is dark, clean, and creates the flawlessly big eyelashes of your dreams," writes one reviewer, who also notes "it stays on all day." Another says, "Swimming in salt water and sweating didn’t make it budge/run."


Best Natural Lengthening Mascara

Get the dramatic spider lashes of your dreams with this natural mascara from Pacifica. The coolest thing about it is its convertible wand, which you can twist to make it longer — for length — or shorter, for volume. The formula is enriched with fibers to enhance length even more, and it also contains conditioning ingredients to keep your lashes healthy and soft. Some of the natural ingredients found in this formula include kelp extract and rice protein, while you won't find any propylene glycol, mineral oil, petroleum, peanut oil, triclosan, or parabens.

One makeup artists calls it their "favorite mascara for sensitive eyes," while another writes, "My favorite mascara ever ... It can provide simple or dramatic coverage and various lash looks based on how many layers you use and if you use the short, long or both brush styles."


Best Natural Mascara For Defined Lashes

A personal favorite, W3LL PEOPLE's Expressionist Mascara is great if you love a natural look. The brush has a rounded tip and is packed with firm bristles to create defined, separated lashes with each coat. The cruelty-free formula doesn't contain any petroleum derivates, fibers, coal tar, or other common irritants found in most mascaras. Additionally, it's water-resistant (but not waterproof) so it's less likely to smear when exposed to moisture, and it also contains sunflower oil to nourish and soften your lashes. I've been a fan of this mascara for years and have never experienced clumping or smudging, a sentiment Amazon reviewers echo in their comments. And though the brown shade featured here is great for a no-makeup-makeup look, it also comes in black.

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