For Making Almond Milk & Cold Brew, These Versatile Nut Milk Bags Are *So* Perfect

by Ileana Morales Valentine
Preparation of nut milk - straining the milk through a milk bag

You likely already know that homemade almond milk (or the nut milk of your choosing!) is on another level compared to store-bought varieties. Getting the best nut milk bag will help you make the best strains, while also opening up your kitchen to other tasty homemade endeavors, like cold brew, yogurt, or juicing. Yep, though it’s called a nut milk bag, it’s an incredibly versatile, low-tech kitchen tool. Before diving into my top picks, there are a few basic factors to think about.


First, consider the material options for the bag, since some may make more sense depending on what you plan to make.

  • Nylon: This durable, synthetic fabric is perfect for cold brew as well as nut milks. It won’t lose its shape and it’s one of the strongest textile materials. Plus, nylon resists mildew. But, nylon can melt if it becomes too hot, so a natural material may be better if you’re considering using a nut milk bag for tea or broth.
  • Cotton: Probably the most popular material for nut milk bags, this natural fabric is soft, affordable, and biodegradable. It’s worth noting, however, that cotton is susceptible to shrinking after washing and is a high-water consumption crop, so you may want to consider a hemp bag if a natural material made from a sustainable and renewable crop is important to you.
  • Hemp: This long-lasting material is stronger and more durable than cotton, and it’s a material that naturally resists pests, so no pesticides are used in the growing of it. Hemp won't stretch out of shape, though it may have a noticeable odor at first.

Size & Shape

Look for nut milk bags with a U-shape or rounded bottom; the curved edges are easier to clean pulp out of than a bag with straight corners. In terms of size, larger options will allow for more versatile use of the nut milk bag. As mentioned above, you can make everything from yogurt to cold brew. Smaller bags are more limited in their utility and work better for brewing tea or infusing a broth with herbs.

With all this in mind, keep reading for the best nut milk bags to add to your kitchen repertoire.

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A Nylon Mesh Bag With A Cult Following

This popular nut milk bag is made of food-grade Italian nylon mesh that's BPA-free and fast drying. Measuring 12 inches by 12 inches, it's a larger bag with a convenient wide opening, rounded corners, and a drawstring closure. It's also backed by an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon with over 5,000 reviews. Shoppers have raved that it's easy to use and clean, sturdier than other bags they've tried, and able to provide finer straining. A recipe for almond milk is included along with an e-book with more recipes.

A helpful review: “The best nut milk bag on the market!! I've been making homemade almond milk for awhile. It's been aggravating as I've just been using cheesecloth and it's a huge mess every time. This bag saves me time, effort and is so easy to use. I make 1-2 quarts of milk at a time and this bag easily handles it. I used to have to pour the milk in sections, but this bag is big enough that it's a one-and-done kind of thing! [...]”


The Best Cotton Nut Milk Bag

If you're in the market for the best nut milk bag in a natural material, this one is made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. The large bag is 12 by 12 inches with a rounded bottom and double stitching for added durability, plus a convenient drawstring closure. You also get free recipes sent to your inbox with purchase. And for those looking to make the most eco-conscious purchase, you can feel good knowing part of this company's proceeds are donated to Honey Love, a nonprofit focused on helping protect honeybees.

A helpful review: “There are a few other nut milk bags here on Amazon but I chose this one because 1. they give back to help save the bees, 2. It's 100% organic cotton, 3. it said that it was double stitched and durable. I have had problems in the past with my nut milk bags ripping. After using it, it definitely lived up to the expectations.”


The Best Hemp Nut Milk Bag

This hemp nut milk bag is carefully made without any harmful chemicals, using only 100% hemp for the bag and drawstring, with organic cotton for sewing thread. The manufacturer has been certified by GOTS. Slightly larger than the others on this list at 12 by 13 inches, this versatile nut milk bag also features a wide opening, rounded bottom, and drawstring closure. Reviewers noted this bag is sturdy and really easy to clean (many reported simply boiling it).

A helpful review: “Oh how I love this hemp milk bag! I make almond milk for my family of 4 and this bag makes the job sooo much easier, and faster! I had been using cheese cloth and had to strain several times and it was hard to clean the cloth between strainings. This hemp milk bag is so closely woven I only strain once and it's done! It strains well the first time, rinses out very easily between batches and then rinses and dries well after I'm done. Do yourself a favor and get one! It's well worth it.”


The Best Set of Nut Milk Bags

The best set of nut milk bags has you covered with a 12-by-12-inch bag, an 8-by-12-inch bag, and two 4-by-6-inch bags, so you can make nut milk and so much more. Each bag is made of unbleached GOTS-certified organic cotton and is designed with a rounded bottom and drawstring closure, plus double reinforced stitched edges for durability. Reviewers commented that they love the mix of sizes, and that these bags provide much finer straining than cheesecloth.

A helpful review: “Very well made, sturdy bags that are quick to clean. I use the smallest one for steeping tea leaves and the largest one takes squeezing celery juice pulp like a champ! I have bought other brands of nut bags that were not as well- made as Bellemei.”