Keep Your Yard Or Garden Green With These Easy-To-Use Oscillating Sprinklers

If you need an easy and effective way to water your lawn or garden, an oscillating sprinkler can be a great solution. The best oscillating sprinklers have a big enough range to water the desired area and can be adjusted to only spray water where it is needed, so make sure you know the size of your yard or garden before you buy one. Ideally, sprinklers should have bases made from durable metals like aluminum or brass to last for the long haul, but you may decide to opt for plastic if the price is right. These sprinklers should also easily attach to a standard garden hose.

Adjustability is an important factor when it comes to oscillating sprinklers. At minimum, you want to select a sprinkler that has a customizable width and range (sometimes referred to as length). Some sprinklers also have adjustable heads so that you can easily turn a sprinkler to spray in your desired direction, and others even come with a timer, so that you can set it and forget it.

When shopping for an oscillating sprinkler, you’ll find that they are usually made from metal, plastic, or a combination of both. Metal is much sturdier than plastic, but plastic is usually cheaper. While most oscillating sprinklers are pretty similar in size (about 15 inches long and 5 inches wide), compact sprinklers that take up far less space can be a great option if you lack sufficient storage, or if you have a small yard with little room to maneuver.

These four oscillating sprinklers are favorites on Amazon since they are adjustable, durable, and effectively get the job done.

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The Overall Best Oscillating Sprinkler

Coverage: Up to 4,500 square feet

Melnor is well-known for making high-quality sprinklers, and this three-way adjustable oscillating sprinkler from the brand is no different. The sprinkler is made primarily of a durable metal, and its 20 nozzles provide a maximum coverage area of up to 4,500 square feet — pretty impressive, if you ask me. Best of all, the sprinkler is very easy to adjust, so you can set the width and range to cover the entire yard or even just a narrow flower bed. The controls allow you to adjust the overall watering area, too. Easily connect and disconnect the sprinkler to any standard garden hose with the included adapter.

This pick comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in a bunch of different formats as well, such as a two-way adjustable sprinkler with a timer.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "The best sprinkler EVER!! I wanted a new sprinkler that was versatile because our yard is irregular in shape and the house is built on the side of a hill. I looked at numerous options and read reviews and watched videos. I selected this Melnor because it appeared to be well made (metal frame as opposed to plastic) and seemed to have numerous options for directing water flow both as to volume and direction. So I ordered it. When I got it and tried it the first time it exceeded even my best expectations. It is absolutely amazing. In fact, it is so good I ordered a second one."


A Budget-Friendly Metal Oscillating Sprinkler

Coverage: Up to 3,600 square feet

You’d be hard pressed to find an entirely metal oscillating sprinkler for under $20, but this durable plastic and metal one from Aqua Joe is a great pick nonetheless. According to Aqua Joe, the sprinkler's solid metal base is virtually indestructible, making this pick absolutely worth a buy. The sprinkler does have some significant plastic components, but since the base is metal and the sprinkler costs less than $20, it's definitely worth your money. Just ask Amazon reviewers — they give it an impressive 4.6-star rating on the site, a true testament to their adoration.

This oscillating sprinkler covers up to 3,600 square feet, and has customizable coverage patterns — adjust the width and range to achieve the perfect watering area. The sprinkler features 16 nozzles and a leak-resistant connection to standard garden hoses. A built-in cleaning tool allows you to clear clogs.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Far sturdier and easier to use than cheaper all-plastic types. Good, large coverage that is very easy to regulate ([adjustable] in both directions). It's also a little heavier than all-plastic models so it is easier to accurately place on the lawn. Spray is even. Highly recommended!"


A Compact Oscillating Sprinkler

Coverage: Up to 3,900 square feet

This oscillating sprinkler from Melnor is the ultimate pick when it comes to adjustability. Control the width, range, and the overall watering area with ease. You can even turn the sprinkler head a full 360 degrees so it can literally spray in any direction needed. The oscillating sprinkler may be compact in size, but it still has an impressive coverage area — up to 3,900 square feet.

This oscillating sprinkler's base is a spike you insert into the ground, ensuring it will stay put. The sprinkler is made of a combination of plastic and metal, but even if the plastic parts break, you're protected by Melnor's lifetime warranty. It has 16 nozzles that spray water, and you can quickly connect and disconnect the sprinkler to your garden hose using the included adapter.

This sprinkler is also available in a tripod base option, which can cover a bit more square footage since it is height adjustable. You can also get a version of the sprinkler with a sled base.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Quick and easy setup; it is (nearly) infinitely adjustable. I have a few spots on my lawn that never get watered and any other sprinkler I have used does a great job watering the sidewalk or street. This allows for more precise control and puts water where I want it: On the grass!"


An Oscillating Sprinkler With A Timer

Coverage: Up to 2,300 square feet

Never accidentally leave the sprinkler running thanks to this Gardena oscillating sprinkler. The sprinkler comes with an integrated timer you can program to run for 1 to 120 minutes. Once the time is up, the sprinkler will automatically shut off — it's that easy.

The oscillating sprinkler is compact in size, has a weighted sled base, and has 16 nozzles that shoot out water. The sprinkler is adjustable — it has controls for width, length, and water flow — and can cover areas from 76 to 2,300 square feet. The sprinkler attaches to a standard garden hose.

Only downside of this pick? It’s made almost entirely of plastic, so it could be more prone to breaking.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "We LOVE this sprinkler. I have a large yard with different curves/angles where the grass is. The fact that you can adjust how wide or narrow it is, how much it moves forward or backward, is wonderful! Plus the timer on it is a life saver. I don't know how many times I've left the water on to water plants."