These Powerful Fans Oscillate To Keep Your Entire Space Cool & Comfortable


On a sweltering day, the best oscillating tower fans can keep you and your entire space cool and comfortable. But, as with most fan types, oscillating tower fans are abundant and it can be tough to tell which ones will work for your space, and which manufacturers are fudging their features to make a subpar fan sound amazing.

That's why, I've done the research and can tell you that there are plenty of great oscillating tower fans for you to choose from. So, when deciding which one is right for you, keep your priorities in mind. Is absolute silence a necessity for you? If so, look for a fan with noise-reduction technology. Are you looking for one with the complete suite of features? Consider a pricier fan that is blade-less and won't accumulate dust that you have to frequently clean out.

From there it just comes down to the oscillating speed and range (unsurprisingly, the better the range the easier it will be for the fan to reach your entire space), and your budget. But, rest assured, there is a fan out there for you. Here's a list of some of the best oscillating tower fans out there with all the bells and whistles to help you stay cool, sleep soundly, and survive the heat.


The Best Overall: An Affordable Tower Fan With A Fresh Air Ionizer

This tower fan by Lasko features a curved profile designed to optimize airflow, and an oscillating frame that helps you target specific rooms or areas of your home. It also features a fresh air ionizer to reduce airborne particles and pollutants, making this fan the perfect pick for anyone who struggles with allergies or sinus issues. With three speeds and an auto shut-off timer, this fan offers the perfect breeze for exactly as long as you want it without having to get up to adjust it. And, at just $58, this fan has all the important features you need with a budget-friendly price tag you can get behind.


The Quietest: A Tower Fan With Noise Reduction Technology And Nine Speeds

Ozeri's tower fan is so quiet, you'll barely remember it's in the room with you. How it works: This tower fan is made with canted blades in three mini fans (built into the frame), allowing the blades to generate opposing sound waves and basically muffle out any whirring or clicking. In summary? It's really quiet. On top of that, you can set each of the three fans at different speeds, offering up to nine ways to customize your airflow. And if you're looking for simple operation, you can tap the LED screen to choose one of three preprogrammed airflow patterns instead. This fan is also ultra-slim at 3-inches wide, and can oscillate 90 degrees to cover your entire room.


The Upgrade: A Blade-less Fan With The Most Settings

The unique design of this Dyson tower fan features patented Air Multiplier technology to create a super powerful, blade-less airstream. It also comes with a remote control that you can use to choose from 10 airflow settings, and as a cool bonus, the remote is magnetized so you can store it directly on the fan or even on your fridge. On top of that, the sleep timer can be set in advance so the fan can shut off right when you're waking up for an ultra-relaxing night's sleep.

Reviewers also love how easy it is to keep this fan clean. One reviewer writes, "I was always disgusted by the build up of dust in regular tower fans and felt I was inhaling dust because of it. Since this fan is blade-less you never have to worry about that again! It is super easy to clean, quiet and powerful."


The Best For Humidity: A 3-In-1 Fan, Evaporative Cooler, & Humidifier

Not only is Quilo's tower fan energy-efficient, it also doubles as a cool-mist evaporative cooler and humidifier, making it a perfect choice to tackle super humid rooms and spaces. Designed for rapid cooling, this fan has an ice compartment on top. Just fill the compartment with ice, click on the oscillation levers, and let the air flow through the thick, honeycomb cooling pads. One fan raves, "It's a good quality and... I also like the sleek design of the unit itself, it's much nicer than your basic tower fan."

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