4 Amazing Overnight Face Masks That Work Magic While You Sleep

by C Mandler

When you think of face masks, you probably conjure up memories of poorly-fitted serum-soaked sheets or clay mixtures that take forever to wash out of your eyebrow hairs. Generally, masks are washed off, peeled off, or removed entirely and thrown in the trash. However, there are some masks that can double as moisturizers or spot treatments, and others that can be left on as sleeping packs (as they're called in Korean beauty terms) to give your skin an extra boost while you slumber. The best overnight masks address myriad concerns, though almost all of them guarantee that you'll wake up with the dewy, glowing skin of your dreams.

If dryness is your primary concern, selecting an overnight mask that's designed to hydrate, moisturize, and soothe chafing skin might be a better option for you than a brightening mask that focuses on minimizing hyperpigmentation in scarred and acne-prone skin. Everyone's skin is different, and one person's primary struggle can be super different from another's. Even my summer skin is drastically different from my winter skin, and with a face so fickle, it's important to keep multiple types of sleeping packs on hand.

To give credit where credit's due, all of the options on this list are from reputable K-Beauty brands, who brought overnight masks into the mainstream. Korean beauty innovation truly knows no bounds, so below, we showcase four of the best overnight formulas for moisturizing, soothing, and retexturing skin while you sleep.

Read on to find out which overnight mask is right for you. Happy masking!


The Best Overnight Mask For Most Skin Types

This universally adored Water Sleeping Mask from Laneige is safe for use across nearly all skin types, whether you're dry, oily, or acne-prone, making it my ultimate pick for the best overnight mask. It's a lightly floral-scented, quick-absorbing gel that works to hydrate, brighten, and purify skin while you sleep. The result? A firm, plump, and dewy looking complexion upon waking up. Standout ingredients include evening primrose and apricot, which even out the skin's texture and tone, in addition to helping keep breakouts at bay. As a plus, this mask is formulated without harmful ingredients like phthalates and parabens, and it's also dermatologist-approved and cruelty-free. Many reviewers opt to wear it as a moisturizer during winter, when their skin is particularly dry, and it's also a great product to apply pre-flight. While it is advertised as being safe for all skin types, it's important to note that it's not 100 percent fragrance-free, so if your sensitive skin has a tendency to react poorly to scented products, this might not be the right choice for you.


A Color-Correcting Mask That Fights Redness And Inflammation

If you're sensitive-skinned, prone to redness, or grappling with hyperpigmentation, allow me to introduce you to the life-saver that is the Dr.Jart+ Re.Pair Mask. While your immediate reaction may be to balk at the price point, this $48 product — the most expensive on the list — actually comes with 30 packets, making it perfect for folks on the go (and math-wise, that'll only set you back $1.60 per mask). Formulated with centella asiatica, commonly known as cica — which promotes collagen production and acts as an anti-inflammatory — and chlorophyll, which helps improve skin texture, repair dermal barriers, and color-correct redness — this mask has everything you need to soothe, hydrate, and protect your face overnight. For maximum effectiveness, Dr.Jart+ recommends combining this mask with the other products in their Cicapair line, which includes a serum, a color-correcting day cream, and drops that are specifically formulated to eliminate redness on contact.


Another Great (And More Affordable) Choice That Combats Redness — And It's A Savior For Very Dry Skin

Cult-favorite K-Beauty brand CosRX makes high-quality skin care at an incredible price, and this moisturizing face mask is no exception. Formulated with over 87 percent propolis extract, a bee byproduct that acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial skin-saver, this mask can help with hyperpigmentation, overall brightness, but most of all, dryness. If you have any scaly spots, eczema, or redness as a result of a lack of hydration, a pea-sized amount of this stuff can be used as a daily cream, but keep in mind that according to reviews, it takes about a half hour for the product to fully absorb because of its viscosity. Of course, the mask's primary purpose is to stay on during sleep, which allows the soothing antioxidants to penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production and provide added protection against harsh elemental concerns during the day.


A Multi-Tasking Formula That Treats Hyperpigmentation, Scarring, And Uneven Tone

I don't even know where to begin with this Klairs mask. First, there's vitamin C, which helps brighten skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, and aid in the healing of acne scars. Next, we've got clarifying niacinamide, which aids in current breakouts while protecting against future ones? There's also vitamin E, which protects stressed skin against harmful environmental factors — it's all just too good. This miracle ingredient-laden formula can be used as a normal daily moisturizer or sleeping pack to help brighten, tone, and relieve skin of redness and annoying acne overnight. If you want to make it last longer and reduce the thickness or stickiness of the product, you can also dilute this mask with your favorite daily moisturizer and reap the benefits of two products in one.

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