These Plastic Cutting Boards Are Durable, Lightweight, & Perfect For Any Kitchen


Wooden cutting boards may look nice on your kitchen counter but the plastic ones have major advantages — they’re lighter and more compact, easier to store, crack-resistant, and don’t require any oiling or maintenance. But you don’t want to buy just any old chopping board. To find the very best plastic cutting boards, there are a number of factors to keep in mind.

First, think about the materials and weight. While most plastic will typically be lighter than wood, some boards are heavier than others. Look for choices like polypropylene or polyethylene, both of which are durable yet still lightweight. Additionally, these materials are good at withstanding lots of chopping and dicing without getting nicked up or full of marks.

Another big thing to consider is grip. If your cutting board can’t grip the counter properly, it will slide all over the place which is not only super annoying but potentially dangerous, too. So look out for an option with solid gripping, and if you're concerned about whether or not it'll stay put, choose a cutting board with specially designed grips (hint, hint: there's one below).

To help you find the perfect cutting board for your kitchen, I’ve done the research. Here are the best plastic cutting boards in a variety of styles and price points.


The Overall Best

This popular cutting board is durable, odor-free, fully stain-resistant, and has over 500 reviews on Amazon. It features thick and sturdy polypropylene with smooth sides that are easy to grip. The cutting surface measures 14.5 by 21 inches, and the non-slip edges keep it from sliding around. And because you can use both sides, this single board is perfect for avoiding cross-contamination between meats and veggies. The surface is sleek and non-porous with fully dishwasher-safe material. "I love this cutting board," said one happy Amazon user. "It doesn't slide around or bounce during use. It's very durable, gentle on my knives, and easy to clean."


The Best With Extra Grips

Designed with a cool patented gripping system, this unique cutting board boasts more than 300 tiny feet that are squishy yet firm, offering extra grip on the kitchen counter so it doesn’t slide all over the place. The cutting space is strong and durable with a large surface area (5 by 7 inches, 8 by 12 inches, and 11 by 14 inches are all available options) for ample room to chop.

The board itself is lightweight and easy to store with dishwasher-safe material that comes in eight color choices. "Love this product," said one Amazon user. " Bottom is super grippy for a no-slide board. ... Fits in dishwasher along the sides of the basket without hanging up when sliding in and out. This is a replacement of the same product that lasted 8 years."


The Best Pack Of Three

If you prefer to have a selection of cutting boards of different sizes, this handy multi-pack features three boards in small, medium, and large sizes for only $17. All of them are fully reversible with convenient hanging handles and solid gripping capabilities. They are thicker than a lot of cutting boards, which makes them a bit heavier, but also sturdier and more stable than your average board. They also have deep juice grooves to prevent spillover and are completely dishwasher safe. "These cutting boards are really nice and well-priced," said one pleased customer. "They are really non-slip and wash well in the dishwasher. ... I've used and washed them each at least 10 times or more by now, and they also hold up well to knife marks."


The Best Value

With more than 750 Amazon reviews, this popular multi-pack comes with three thin, bendable cutting mats you can roll up or slide into small drawers, all for just $6. All three boards are the same size, and measure 12 by 15 inches. The material is 100-percent BPA-free with antimicrobial properties that keep them odor-free and safe from any germ build-up. The flexible design allows you to bend them when you’re done chopping to funnel your food into a bowl or pan. The slick cutting sheets are also color coded so you can designate certain ones for meats and others for veggies or other uses, preventing cross-contamination.

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