These Lightweight Space Heaters Will Keep You Warm & Cozy No Matter Where You Are


If you're ready to invest in one of the best portable space heaters, there are a few things you should know. First, the lightest models usually weigh less than 5 pounds, making them easy to carry from room to room. They are also typically quieter than their full-size counterparts, a plus when you want to stay warm without the added noise.

But, even small space heaters have a wide range of capabilities, most importantly, how much space they can heat. In your search, you'll find some models that can heat up an entire room, while others are designed for warming up a targeted space a few feet away. As a rule, you'll need around 10 watts of power for each square foot you want to heat, so keep this in mind as you shop.

And, because space heaters can pose a hazard if not used properly (they are the second leading cause of home fires behind cooking, cites one report), you'll want to find a heater designed with safety features. Most of the options below have features like automatic shut-off and tip-over protection that are specifically designed to protect your home. Note also that even the safest space heater on the market should never be left unattended or on while you sleep at night.

With that in mind, here is a detailed look at some of the best portable space heaters to keep you warm.


The Overall Best

Weight: 2.86 pounds

Wattage: 1500 watts (150 square feet)

Why It’s Great: For the money and size, you won’t find a more powerful portable space heater than this 1500-watt heater from AmazonBasics. It comes equipped with three settings (low, high, and fan only), and automatic shut-off feature that is triggered should the heater fall or get overheated. At less than 10 inches high and 3 pounds in weight, it’s also lightweight and easy to move around with its carrying handle. Please note, however, that this product will only operate on a hard flat surface, so in rooms with uneven floor, you will need to place it on a level table or desk for it to work.

What Fans Say: “I wasn't expecting much with it being so small and at a low price. Wow was I wrong! The heat is strong and the fan does a great job at spreading the heat out around the room. Perfect for my medium size bedroom!”


The Smallest

Weight: 1.6 pounds

Wattage: 200 watts (20 square feet)

Why It's Great: This Lasko personal ceramic heater is the smallest and the lightest space heater on this list. It weighs less than 2 pounds and is less than 6 inches in height. Its compact size and quiet operation (around 30-50 decibels according to some reviewers) make it a great choice to use in a workplace or under a desk.

The Tradeoff: Since it only uses 200 watts of energy, it’s certainly not the most powerful option you can buy. (However, its low energy usage could be a good thing in an office setting where you’re concerned about tripping the circuit breaker.) It also lacks the safety features of the other heaters on this list, so you will need to be extra conscientious to monitor it when in use.

What Fans Say: "I bought this for my office... I'm very happy with this because it VERY QUIET. Nobody has noticed I have this bad boy under my desk...I keep it right by my feet and it does the job of keeping my feet and legs warm, which is enough to keep me from freezing to death."


The Best Investment

Weight: 1.86 pounds

Wattage: 1500 watts (150 square feet)

Why It’s Great: With a five-year warranty and three unique heat settings, this whole-room vortex heater is more expensive than the other space heaters on this list. But, it combines the lightweight frame of the smallest heater on this list with the overall power of the first space heater, and offers a great blend of features. It's three heat settings range from 750 to 1500 watts, and it features a tip-over switch for safety. Plus, the manufacturer claims it’s “whisper quiet."

The Tradeoff: It's nearly twice the price of personal space heaters above, but could be worth the investment if you're looking for a heater that is lightweight, powerful, and designed with safety features.

What Fans Say: "Great heater!...Fan driven heat is very efficient and heats a small to medium size room well. Much better than any other small heater I've ever owned. A little more expensive but well worth it!"


Also, Great: A Splurge-Worthy Space Heater That Doubles As A Cooling Fan

Weight: 5.91 pounds

Wattage: 750 watts (75 square feet)

Why It’s Great: Not only is the Dyson fan heater a space heater, but it is also a cooling fan as well. That means, there’s no need to ever put it in storage since it can be used year-round. This 1500-watt heater and cooler also features a precise and programmable thermostat (ranging from 33 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit), remote operation, sleep timer, tip-over safety protection, and a two-year warranty. And unlike many other plastic appliances, Dyson promises no burning smell with this product. You also have the choice between focusing the air on yourself or a diffused air pattern that can reach more parts of the room.

The Tradeoff: It’s by far the most expensive option you can choose, as well as the tallest and heaviest at 23.4 inches tall and just under 6 pounds.

What Fans Say: "When my room gets cold at night, I just turn it on, and within minutes my entire room becomes warm again! Likewise, the fan portion works as expected, which can really help in the 110 degree Las Vegas summers. The different settings for timers, and diffused vs. direct cooling/heating work even better [than] I thought. Sometimes it feels really good to just sit in the fans way, and other times you just want it to cool/heat your whole room asap, and these functions really help with that."

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