The 4 Best Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a the walnut-sized gland that wraps around the urethra at the base of the bladder, and when you stimulate it, it feels incredible. The issue? Massaging a prostrate internally isn't always easy to do during one-on-one sex — and there are some people who'd rather not stick their fingers into their partner's butts in order to give this gland a tickle. That's where vibrators come in, and luckily, plenty of the best prostate massagers are available right on Amazon.

Now before you go run out and buy any old sex toy, it's important to keep in mind that internal prostate massagers are incredibly different than vibrators. First of all, they tend to be narrower than a typical vibrator — and for good reason. Anuses are not as flexible as vaginas are. They don't stretch, and it can take practice to get comfortable with inserting something large in there. (Sometimes, though, your anus is just too tight to accept anything larger than a finger — that's normal.) So a thinner, or tapered vibrator is necessary. There are vibrators that are good for external stimulation, too, which can feel equally as delicious — and are useful for folks who are still iffy about putting a sex toy up their butt.

Scroll on to discover four of the best prostate massagers that you can buy on Amazon.