These Strong Resistance Bands Will Make Leg Day So Much More Effective

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Particularly when working out your legs, resistance bands save you from having to use heavy, awkward barbells or crunch out dozens of reps on the machines. They weigh almost nothing, fold up into a suitcase, and can literally be used while watching television. But to get the most out of it, you need the best resistance bands for legs you can find. So what should you look for?

First and most importantly, find something that won’t break. If you’ve ever tried those cheap elastic ones sometimes handed out with gym memberships, you know they’re prone to snapping in half at the first sign of a low squat. Get bands made from strong silicone or even thick cords and ropes.

Secondly, think about what types of exercises you’ll be using them for. If you want to improve your performance at a specific sport, for example, you might try styles that strap on and can be worn while you play that sport. In contrast if you’re interested in repetitive toning, the loop-style bands might be the best fit, as they guide your form while you use them. For faster-paced or aerobic activities, you might try the long ones with handles which offer a greater range of motion.

Here's a list of the best resistance bands for legs to help kickstart your rock star leg-and-booty workout.


The Overall Best

This five-pack of 48-inch bands features lightweight but durable metal clips on the ends that you can attach to handles or straps. You can use them alone or stack them in various combinations equaling up to 105 pounds of resistance. They're built with a blend of strong Malaysian latex and durable silicon that maintains its flexibility without snapping. The double-layered set comes with numerous accessories including two cushioned handles, a set of ankle straps, and a sturdy door anchor for things like leg presses and glute exercises. Best of all, each band showcases large, simple-to-read numbers at the ends that tell you how strong it is so you don't have to keep track of which color is which resistance.


The Best Investment

Constructed with a tough, rope-like design, this strong resistance band is soft and flexible without compromising strength or durability. The band is woven with four separate pieces of elastic material into a braided tubing and held together with a unique, four-hole connector that distributes the weight evenly. That makes the bands capable of withstanding lots of fast, aerobic activity and high-impact motion without snapping under the pressure. The strong handles make them ideal for exercises like deep squats or other leg and lower body workouts. The only drawback is that these bands are sold individually which makes them a bit pricier; however, if you want a band that will last a long time without breaking, this one is worth the investment.


The Best Strap-On Bands

Specially designed just for your legs, these strap-on resistance bands are meant not only for general strength conditioning but also muscle training for specific sports. To use them, simply strap them to your legs and begin doing your sport of choice like you normally would. Wear them during soccer scrimmages or use them while playing games like volleyball, basketball, or tennis. As you perform the movements, your muscles will get worked in the exact areas they need to be improved. The bands have a flexible swivel clip that allows multi-directional movement so you can utilize a full range of motion while building all of those important micro-muscles.


The Best Loop-Style Bands

The biggest advantage of these full-circle bands is that they help guide your form while doing the various exercises. Plus, if you're doing squats or other leg-based workouts, you don't have to tie them together or hold them up by your shoulders — just wrap them around your knees or ankles and you're good to go. The enormously popular bands have garnered over 7,700 reviews on Amazon. As a bonus, the elastic loops are cheaper than other types of resistance bands — for only $11, you get all five bands (each in a different resistance level), a how-to guide, and online access to video workouts.

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