The 4 Best Resistance Bands That Don't Roll Up

Woman exercising with rubber resistance band at home

Nothing's worse than dipping into a deep squat or a hip thrust only to have your resistance band roll all the way up to your butt or to your knees. It totally takes you out of your rhythm to stop your workout, fix your band, and try it all over again. The only solution? It's time to invest in the best resistance bands that don't roll up.

It's not always easy to tell the difference between a band that'll snap mid-squat and one that won't budge an inch. The key is in the material. If you opt for latex resistance bands, it's important to check that they're made from natural latex which is more durable than synthetic latex so they're less likely to snap or roll. Keep in mind, latex bands will have a little bit more give than fabric resistance bands (this makes them a bit more versatile for a range of different workouts). But, if you prefer the taut, less forgiving nature of a fabric band, there are great options that won't roll up on this list as well.

You also want to make sure to buy a set of bands that are the right resistance for you. With repeated use a resistance band that's too weak for you might stretch out making it more likely to snap, break, or roll, so consider which resistance will suit your experience level. A starter resistance band set is best if you're new to resistance training, but consider snagging a set of heavy-duty bands if you've been working out for awhile.

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The Best Resistance Bands For Beginners

If you're just starting out, this basic resistance band set comes with four bands that range from light to extra heavy (4 to 24 pounds of resistance) so you can gradually move up in resistance as you get stronger and find the right fit for various workouts. All the bands are made from snap-resistant natural latex and come in their own carrying bag. This set even comes with a free E-book and downloadable video to show you how to do various exercises, making it an ideal option for beginners.

According to one reviewer: "Love these bands! They're strong and durable and pretty! Tested these out at the gym today and I definitely was not disappointed! They're great! The carrying bag is great for not only holding the bands but my gloves as well! Highly recommend!"


The Best For A More Advanced Workout

For those who've been at it awhile, it may be time to move on to these heavy-duty resistance bands. They come in a set of three, with the heaviest option adding an extra 100 pounds of resistance to your workout and the lightest offering 45 pounds of resistance. They're also made from 100% natural latex with no fillers so they won't snap. Plus, the extra-thick width ensures they won't roll up, no matter how deep you get into those squats. More experienced reviewers can't say enough good things about these bands in general.

According to one reviewer: "These seem to be very well made. Good and thick and about 10 inches long. They haven't rolled yet - have stayed put so far. And gave me a good burn and super nice resistance. NOT easy. Like the product description says, if you haven't used bands before, you might want to go lighter. If you are somewhat experienced and want a GOOD challenge, try these."


The Best Fabric Set

These fabric bands add tons of resistance without slipping or stretching out. They feature an inner layer of latex, similar to traditional resistance bands, and a fabric outer shell. (Note: While the manufacturer doesn't specify that this is natural latex, it's safely sealed inside the fabric so the type of latex doesn't have as much affect on durability as an 100% latex resistance band.) The fabric is soft, yet durable, and stretches just enough while you're working out, yet always goes back to its original shape to preserve the bands long-term. Each band in this three-piece set offers a different level of resistance: The lightest band offers 14 to 25 pounds of resistance, the medium resistance band provides 30 to 40 pounds, and the heaviest band adds 50 to 60 pounds of resistance to your workout. They also come in two different lengths you can choose from. Amazon reviewers love how they can put these bands through the wringer without them ever snapping or rolling.

According to one reviewer: "Great quality resistance bands! Much better than the rubber ones I used before. They do not roll and are very durable. Most importantly you can order different size of them, according to your body dimensions. Definitely recommend!"


The Best Thin Resistance Bands

For those that prefer a lower profile band, opting for a thinner design like this mini resistance band is often the right choice. Slip this band around your quads for an added 35 pounds of resistance every time you lunge or squat. And, if 35 pounds isn't your preferred resistance level, there are a few different bands for a range of experience levels or you can choose a three-piece set with multiple options. It's also made from super durable natural latex which won't wear down over time. This band offers just enough flexibility that it adds weight to your workout without digging into your skin, making it a perfect addition to your exercise routine.

According to one reviewer: "I was looking for resistance bands to do glute floor work. I searched without success. Fortunately, a woman at the gym with a fantastic butt was repping out dozens of lifts with a band. Between sets, I asked her which band she was using. She immediately pulled up the Serious Steel Bands on Amazon. I ordered before I left the gym."