These Reusable Straws Are Good For The Environment — & Won't Hurt Your Budget, Either

by Chelsey Hamilton

With bills proposing bans on single-use plastic drinking straws popping up across the United States, now's the perfect time to test out the best reusable straws. ICYMI: Plastic straws are pretty terrible for the environment, and choosing an ocean-friendly alternative made from an FDA-approved material like bamboo, plastic, steel, or silicone is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. These reusable options are durable for long-lasting use and, of course, completely safe for drinking.

Here, I've rounded up the highest quality straws. They'll last for years — saving money on straws in the long run — and can fit into a variety of cups including the best travel mugs. What’s more, they’re (mostly) all dishwasher-friendly, come with handy cleaning brushes, and some even boast colorful designs to make your next beverage a little brighter. Who doesn't want that?

The best overall straw set I found is a rainbow 12-pack of BPA-free solid colored plastic ones from Cupture with an affordable $10 price tag for 12. Given the value, size, and quality, these straws are the best for most people — but not all people. If you sip thicker drinks (like frappes or smoothies) you'll want to check out the wider silicone straws. Looking for an even more eco-friendly option? There's bamboo ones, too.

The Overall Best Reusable Straws: A Value Pack Of Striped Solid Colored Plastic Straws

These BPA-free plastic straws comes 12 to a pack — for a mere $10, that's a great deal. Each 10-inch, crack-resistant straw comes with a stopper ring on the end that prevents it from slipping out of your cup. They work well with 24- and 30-ounce cups and can even be trimmed with scissors to fit a smaller size if need be. Naturally, Amazon reviewers highly recommend them.

One reviewer wrote: "I love these straws. They fit perfectly into the Starbucks-type cold drink glasses, or anything with similar height and opening size. The colors make it easy to know which one is yours. They are much sturdier than the original straws as well."

The Best Stainless Steel Reusable Straws With Over 1,000 Reviews

The set of eight reusable straws by Yihong is the best affordable option for those looking for a food-grade stainless steel option that won't rust or scratch over time. For $10, you get a pack of four straight straws, four bent straws, and two thin brushes for easier cleaning and rinsing. Just like the others on this list, they're also dishwasher-safe, though. The set is available in a variety of sizes and has more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon. "Love drinking from stainless steel flasks and the straws keep the water nice and cold all the way up!" raved a happy customer." The curved option straw is great for larger flasks so the straw doesn't fall into the flask. The scrub brushes are great."

The Best Silicone Reusable Straws For Tall Cups

If you like to use tall cups or mugs, this colorful set of six reusable, BPA-free silicone straws by Alink is your best bet. At 12 inches long, these are taller than your average straw, and they also have a wide mouth for sipping thicker drinks. Arguably the most beneficial factor of these straws is that they're super flexible, making them difficult to break and perfect for both hot and cold drinks. One Amazon purchaser summarized it best, writing, "Awesome purchase. Flexible enough to fit many different cup holes. Easy to clean. Use these all the time."

The Best Organic Reusable Straws Made With Bamboo

If an organic choice is more your style, you'll love this eight-pack of bamboo reusable drinking straws by Buluh. At 8 inches tall, each straw — made of biodegradable, organic, and vegan material for the most eco-conscious users out there — will fit into standard cup sizes. They're strong and sustainable enough to last for years. Even better? They contain zero inks or dyes and come with a carrying bag and a small cleaning straw. Due to their material, these straws aren't recommended for the dishwasher, but they can be boiled in hot water for a deeper clean. Amazon reviewers love 'em, as evidenced by this glowing review: "Excellent product. I was concerned that the finish would be 'woody,' like popsicle sticks. They turned out to be really smooth, well finished, and large enough that they are easy to keep clean."

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