These Super Soothing Rosewater Toners Are The Easiest Way To Perk Up Dry, Tired Skin

Roses aren't just for Valentine's Day and The Bachelor. Oh no. This sweet-smelling ingredient is actually a powerhouse when it comes to skin care because of its balancing and moisturizing properties. And since one of the easiest ways to incorporate this ingredient into your skin care regimen is with a toner, you're probably wondering what the best rosewater toners on the market actually are.

But why is a toner the number one way to harness the goodness of roses? Because that step in your routine is the perfect moment for roses to truly maximize their skin benefits. Toners should be applied immediately after cleansing in order to rebalance your complexion — something that soothing rosewater helps your skin to do. Rose water is also intensely moisturizing, which is a helpful alternative to alcohol-based toners which tend to dry out your skin. Spritzing on rose water helps add in moisture that starts to get sapped away once your face dries after washing it.

The best thing about these toners, though, is that you can also use them as makeup setting sprays. Since they hydrate, they can provide your makeup with a glowing, dewy finish that folks with dry skin will especially love.

What more could you want? Ahead, we round up the best rosewater toners on the market today. You'll love them more than the final rose on The Bachelor. Probably.


The Drugstore Go-To That's Great For Toner Newbies

If you're just getting into the idea of a rosewater toner, then pick up an old standby: Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel With Aloe Vera. It's alcohol-free, so unlike most other classic toners, it won't leave your skin feeling dry. The rose in this toner helps to balance and moisturize your skin, while the aloe vera calms irritation, leaving you with a seriously gorgeous glow. Unlike some other rosewater toners, though, this one doesn't come in a spray bottle, so you'll have to stock up on some cotton pads. Thayer's is paraben-free and hypoallergenic, too, so it's safe to use with sensitive skin types.


An Amazing Cult-Favorite That's Worth The Splurge

Ask any beauty pro what their favorite rosewater spritz is, and you're guaranteed to hear Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. Why? Well, for one, it's chock full of good-for-you ingredients, and it's made with hand-picked organic roses from the brand's farm in Australia. You can spritz it on after you wash your face to calm and balance your complexion before you continue your skin care routine, as the moisture it provides will help your serums and creams penetrate your skin even better. And not only does it erase redness from your skin, but the rose also ensures that your face stays hydrated. Jurlique's mist also works amazing as a makeup setting spray, giving you that much-desired dewy gorgeousness. And if you're feeling sweaty during the day? Pull out this Jurlique mist and spritz yourself down. It will reinvigorate your makeup, add a boost of hydration, and help you glow. Plus, it comes in a big, gorgeous glass bottle.


A More Affordable Cult-Favorite With Aloe & Herbs

A more affordable option for anyone else looking for a multi-tasking primer that'll add some hydration to their skin, Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs and Rosewater also includes the brands proprietary blend of fancy herbs. Mixed together, this combination of ingredients helps relieve dry skin in just one spritz. You can even mix it in with your day or night creams to add some extra moisture to those products, too. Though this formula claims to be non-irritating, it does include parfum — something to keep in mind if your skin tends to react badly from added fragrance.


A Rosewater Serum & Toner Combo

Rosewater isn't just good for spritzes and sprays, and Bai Botanique Rose Renew is the perfect example of that. It's a toner and a serum mixed into one, with rose as the star ingredient in both. The rose oil in the serum tones and moisturizes the skin, calming and nourishing it to give you the ultimate glow. But that's not all this serum is good for. It also has a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid to give you even more of a moisture surge. Hyaluronic acid is able to hold 1000 times its weight in water, so this formula will be perfect for anyone with ultra-dry skin.

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