The 4 Best Rosewater Toners

Roses aren't just for Valentine's Day and The Bachelor. Oh no. This sweet-smelling ingredient is actually a powerhouse when it comes to skin care because of its balancing and moisturizing properties. And since one of the easiest ways to incorporate this ingredient into your skin care regimen is with a toner, you're probably wondering what the best rosewater toners on the market actually are.

But why is a toner the number one way to harness the goodness of roses? Because that step in your routine is the perfect moment for roses to truly maximize their skin benefits. Toners should be applied immediately after cleansing in order to rebalance your complexion — something that soothing rosewater helps your skin to do. Rose water is also intensely moisturizing, which is a helpful alternative to alcohol-based toners which tend to dry out your skin. Spritzing on rose water helps add in moisture that starts to get sapped away once your face dries after washing it.

The best thing about these toners, though, is that you can also use them as makeup setting sprays. Since they hydrate, they can provide your makeup with a glowing, dewy finish that folks with dry skin will especially love.

What more could you want? Ahead, we round up the best rosewater toners on the market today. You'll love them more than the final rose on The Bachelor. Probably.