The 4 Best Safety Razors For Beginners

by Ileana Morales Valentine

Past being a cost-effective, eco-friendly addition to your grooming routine, the best safety razors for beginners offer a closer shave with less irritation than disposable razors — even for safety razor newbies. Your main considerations center on cleaning ease and personal preferences regarding your razor's handle length and overall weight. So, read on for the right safety razor for you.

My picks are all double-edge safety razors since their gentle, yet sharp shave has helped them eclipse single-edge razors. For a beginner’s safety, less blade exposure means less risk of nicking yourself; so, I've stuck with closed-comb safety razors, which provide a good shave and protect you from the blade better than open-comb razors. For intrepid beginners, I've included one adjustable razor that gives you more control over your shave.

For your razor to last, easy cleaning access is key and largely depends on the number of pieces that make up your razor. While fewer pieces make blade replacement less intimidating, safety razors that disassemble into two or more pieces are easier to clean.But a one-piece razor is a great place to start if you're more concerned about the blade-replacement process than cleaning.

To help you stay safe when using a safety razor, comfort is key and comes down to personal preferences for handle length and the razor's overall weight. Unless you definitely know you prefer a short handle (closer to 3-inch) or long handle (closer to 4-inch), go for average length (between 3.2 and 3.5 inches). Regarding weight, with a lighter razor you might shave too quickly, where a heavier razor might bear down too heavily, leaving you with nicks and cuts. To help you shop, consider how you tend to shave with your current razor to find the right weight for you.

Scroll on for the best beginner safety razors; all are perfect for getting you started with safety razors.


The Overall Best Safety Razor For Beginners

This wildly popular double-edge safety razor is the perfect, reasonably priced pick to get you started using a safety razor; it's also backed by a 4.4-star rating after over 8,500 reviews. Among the razors in this roundup, this closed combed razor gives you the greatest access for thorough cleaning since it breaks down into three pieces. With proper care, that access could help your investment last longer. It's also the only pick where you get your choice of handle length: a regular, 3.25-inch, which is about average and might be best if you're not sure what length you prefer; or a 4-inch handle, which is great if you're sure you like a long handle for shaving.

Like most of my picks, this razor has standard blade access, which means to replace the blade you have to remove the razor's entire head. While this could be a bit intimidating for some beginners, this basic access is generally longer lasting than other access types. As the lightest pick in this roundup, at 2.72 ounces, this pick is great for those who naturally tend to press down a bit when they shave as you won't have excess weight that could cause nicks. This razor comes with five blades so it's ready for use right when it's delivered. It also comes in several color options, including modern and clean chrome.

Promising review: “This was my first, and I'll never let her go. I switched to safety razors not quite two years ago, and I've experimented with a fair bit of gear. Currently have a Merkur 1904, Parker 26C, and Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor...The fit and finish is flawless. FLAWLESS. It's remarkable.'s stunning. Beats my Merkur a little in finish, a lot in fit. Beats my Parker in finish, nearly ties for fit.[...]”


The Runner-Up:

If three-pieces sounds like a lot to disassemble and reassemble, you might try this two-piece, closed-comb double-edge safety razor. While it doesn't give quite as much cleaning access, you might prefer the textured handle for a more secure grip when just starting out with a safety razor. It does, however, have a shorter 3-inch, which might be harder for some hands to maneuver. But if you know you like a shorter handle, it might just be the right weight if you're not sure whether to for a heavy or lightweight razor —its weight is about average, at about 3.2 ounces. It also provides the same standard blade access as my first pick.

Reviewers love the classic-look of this razor from MERKUR. It has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon with more than 2,000 reviews, and the manufacturer considers it their perfect starter razor for a close and comfortable shave.

Promising review: “This gorgeous two-piece safety razor is my first real, metal safety razor. [...] [It's] so simple to use, elegant and well-weighted. Upon my first full time using it in the shower, I had a nice complete, clean shave without a single nick! As a not so overly aggressive razor, it's ideal also for delicate regions. I'm absolutely in love with this gorgeous, effective, life-changing razor and want to get everyone I know and care about one of these as a gift! I wasn't paid for this review; I just really, really love this classy, effective razor and cannot stop telling my friends about it!”


The Best Safety Razor For Beginners For Easy Blade Replacement

Some beginners find the opening on a butterfly blade easier for blade replacement.So, for those who are worried about adjusting to the blade replacement process, this butterfly razor still has the characteristic double-edge, closed-comb head that is best for beginners. The unique element is the butterfly opening. The bottom of this razor's handle twists to open the head's blade compartment so your fingers don't handle the razor's head as much as with standard blade access. This is also the only razor in this roundup that is just a single piece, which, in addition to the butterfly opening, makes blade replacement much easier; it can, however, make cleaning and maintenance a bit more difficult.

Like my second pick the handle on this razor is textured for a more secure grip, but the handle is quite long, at 4 inches; so, this is best for those who know they like a long handle. Given, this razor's weight, 3.4 ounces, it might be just right if you're not sure whether to go for a heavy or lightweight razor. This pick comes with five blades to get you started. Reviewers with sensitive skin rave about this safety razor, and, on average, have given it a 4.3-star rating after more than 1,800 reviews.

Promising review: “At 17, I was given a hand-me-down heavy duty razor from my father who had used it for twenty years to that point. It worked for me for another forty years. Finally, two years ago, the butterfly mechanism gave out. [...] I did an exhaustive search and settled for this long handle Parker model. It's only been a short time since I owned it, but at the first use I could sense a well-built product. The feel is right, the weight is perfect so only a little pressure is needed for a perfect shave. My gut tells me this one should last me into my grave.[...]”


The Best Adjustable Safety Razor For Intrepid Beginners

With beginners in mind, every other pick on this list has a fixed blade, but if you feel you're up to the challenge, this adjustable safety razor is still safe enough for beginners since it has a closed comb, double edge blade. The benefit of the added adjustable feature is that it allows you to better reach hard-to-shave areas and can even allow you to have a milder gap, which is great for tender skin and then adjust it back for regular shaving on non-irritated skin. Just know with that adjustability comes a bit more finesse in getting the razor set to the right setting for your skin. Like most of the picks in this roundup, this razor has standard blade access, which requires removing the razor's head when replacing the blade. But uniquely, this razor has a snap-on cap that makes blade loading a bit easier than many of the other picks in this roundup.

Like my second pick, it's a two-piece safety razor, which makes for relatively easy cleaning and the 3.2-inch handle is pretty close to average length; so, it's great for beginners, but as the heaviest pick in this roundup at 4.5 ounces, you should keep in mind if you tend to already press down pretty hard when you shave, and perhaps go for a lighter option.

This safety razor has a 4.3-star rating with more than 1,300 reviews, including several from fellow fearless newbies who love this razor. If you’re a fast learner committed to safety razors for the long run, you might just want to invest in this gorgeous, futuristic-looking adjustable razor.

Promising review: “For a beginner with sensitive skin I wanted to be daring. My first shave I used it on setting (1) 2 passes with moderately slick cream: no nicks no cuts I survived lol 2 months of “Wet Shaving” my technique has become excellent.”


Nice To Have: A Double-Edge Razor Sample Pack

Choosing the best blade for shaving with a safety razor will require spending some time with a double-edge razor blade sampler pack, since the right blade for you comes down to personal preference. Once you know which razor works best for you, you can stock up on your favorite kind. This pack includes 16 individually-wrapped blades from top brands so you can find the right one for a comfortable shave with your new double-edge safety razor.

Promising review: “It was a good sample pack, some of the blades were better than others and now I know which to buy in bulk, thanks!”

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