These Supportive, Wide-Width Shoes Won't Bother Your Bunions — & Praise Be!


Whether you're looking for an everyday shoe or a special pair for an upcoming event, shoe shopping when you have bunions is not as easy as simply adding a stylish pair to your shopping cart. Because, not only do you have to consider style and function, but you also need to look for shoes designed with enough room to prevent inflammation around your bunions. That's why when shopping for the best shoes for bunions, you should focus on the shape and material of the shoe.

According to Dr. Bruce Pinker, a board-certified podiatrist and foot surgeon in New York, a wide toe box is what you should be looking for in any potential shoe. "I recommend to patients they look for a shoe wide enough in the forefoot so that the fit is snug but not tight. A wider width is also often needed to comfortably fit a foot with a bunion," he said.

Also, keep an eye out for shoes that are made of a more flexible material like soft mesh or a natural leather that can be stretched, as inflexible materials are more likely to rub and irritate your bunion. With that said, take a look at the four best shoes for bunions, below.


The Best Slip-Ons

With a 4.4-star rating and thousands of reviews on Amazon, these slip-on sneakers are a favorite amongst bunion sufferers. The shoe's upper is made of a soft mesh to eliminate any painful pressure on your bunions around the tops and sides of your feet. They're also lightweight, supportive, and can be easily slipped on and off. This means you'll experience less pain when it's time to take them off at the end of the day. In summary? This is a perfect everyday shoe to wear when you have bunions.

What fans say: “These are my Cinderella shoes! I have bunions so the flexible mesh upper keeps my feet comfortable all day! I am able to stand and walk in these shoes for several hours and there was absolutely no break-in needed. I'm getting rid of all those ‘other’ shoes in my closet to make room for all the Skechers Go Walk 4 Pursuits I plan to buy.”

  • Available sizes: 5M to 13W


The Best Athletic Sneakers

Available in three colors, these athletic shoes have a soft mesh upper and wide toe box, as well as a lightweight, orthopedic insole and substantial arch support. This design ensures that your whole foot is cushioned and supported as you move. Even better, their cushioned soles are designed to help improve your gait, and lessen the stress and pressure on your joints. Where other sneakers can sometimes be tight or restrictive at the top, these have a non-binding upper that won't force your bunions to rub up against the sides and top of the shoe. But don't take my word for it: Hundreds of reviewers have weighed in and think these shoes are the perfect athletic sneaker for bunion sufferers.

What fans say: “The best sneaker ever! I have bunions, hammertoes, corns, calluses and these were the first shoes that didn't hurt my feet at all! The size was exactly right. Love them would highly recommend!”

  • Available sizes: 5M to 12XW


The Best Ballet Flats

If you're searching for an elegant pair of flats, look no further than these Vionic ballet flats. They have ample support and cushioning, including a removable microfiber-covered foam footbed. This makes them extra comfortable if you know you'll be on your feet all day. But, the clincher: These ballet flats have a wide, round toe to give your bunion more room to breathe and are made with a stretchable leather or suede upper (depending on your color choice). That means they won't irritate or inflame your bunions, and can even stretch to fit the shape of your foot.

What fans say: “They are nice and roomy in the toe box. They don't flip off your feet while walking, and they provide nice support and comfort. A+ for bunion sufferers!”

  • Available sizes: 5M to 12M


The Best Heels

Comfortable high heels that won't inflame bunions may be rare, but they do exist. These Bella Vita dress pumps come in a variety of colors and have a 3-inch heel. (That's about as tall as anyone with a bunion should probably choose in order to avoid adding unnecessary pressure to the front of the foot.) The block heel and round toe box of these heels makes them more comfortable to walk in than your standard heel. Plus, they're made with 100-percent leather, so you can stretch them to better accommodate your bunion, if you'd like.

What fans say: “I have really difficult feet: large and wide, with high arches and bunions... These shoes are amazing. I wore these for six hours the day I got them, and they never felt tight. Usually after a couple hours, I'm wiggling my feet in my shoes and taking them off under the table. Love these!”

  • Available sizes: 5M to 12XW

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