These Shower Curtains Will Make Your Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger — & Here's Why

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Whether you have a full tub in your washroom or a walk-in shower, a shower curtain is most likely the right choice for your small bathroom. Unlike a glass shower door, which can make your bathroom feel smaller and more crowded, the right shower curtain can actually help make it feel larger. But, when shopping around for the best shower curtains for small bathrooms, you'll want to keep a few things in mind.

First, you'll typically want to choose a longer shower curtain and hang it higher in your room to create the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is. You'll also need to consider your personal aesthetic. Some designers recommend using a clear shower curtain in smaller spaces, because it opens up the space and allows more light to move through your bathroom. And one popular design technique for making small rooms look bigger is to use light colored fabrics and walls to brighten the space. But, whether you want a clear, colored, patterned, or neutral print, there are plenty of options that won't make a little bathroom feel smaller.

Don't forget: When picking out a shower curtain for your room, you'll need to measure both the length and width of your space. Shower curtains come in a variety of dimensions and should match the size of your shower to prevent water from spilling onto your floors.

But, take a breath and keep scrolling. Just below, the best shower curtains for small bathrooms.


The Best Clear Curtain

Opting for a mildew-resistant shower curtain or liner, like this clear one, is a great choice for smaller bathrooms that can often be damp or humid. With over 5,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.6-star rating, this shower curtain is a fan-favorite that many people call out as perfect for a small bathroom. The clear design lets light move through your room and allows you to see deeper into your space, making your bathroom look bigger. And, because it's 72 inches in length (and in width) it'll be long enough for almost any bathroom. It even comes with a two-year warranty that promises it will stay free and clear of all mildew or your money back.

What fans say: "Great shower curtain. I have a small bathroom and the clear lets more light into the shower. This is a very heavy duty curtain liner. My previous one was shredded by the cat - he cannot get his claws into this plastic."


The Best Knit Curtain

This waffle-weave knit shower curtain is made with a durable, 100-percent polyester fabric that is heavy enough to hold in place but light enough to move when you need it to. It comes in fifteen different size options and five different neutral colors and patterns, making this an ideal pick for nearly any-sized bathroom (even the really tiny ones!). It's also water repellant and mildew resistant to prevent mold or mildew from growing in your small, moisture-rich space. While this shower curtain is a bit thicker than the clear pick above, the light color and pattern options can brighten up any tiny washroom.

What fans say: "Love it! Packaging was excellent. Arrived on time. Well made. Waffle Weave is stunning and I’m so happy with the white, because it has brightened up my small bathroom. I highly recommend it!"


The Best Textured Curtain

While some textured shower curtains can seem heavy in a smaller room, this white ruffled shower curtain is made of a lightweight and thin polyester. Not only is the fabric mildew and heat resistant, but it's also quick drying, a major plus in a small area that is bound to get humid. Even better, it comes in a bright white and light grey color that will help your room seem lighter and larger. The only downside? This shower curtain comes in one standard size, 71 inches wide by 71 inches long. You'll want to check the dimensions of your shower to see if it'll fit your space.

What fans say: "I was worried the ruffles on this would be too poofy looking and overwhelm my small bathroom. I was wrong. The ruffles are perfectly spaced and subtle it looks great. "


The Best Patterned Curtain

This 100-percent polyester shower curtain is mildew resistant, water repellant, and made with non-toxic materials. Available in eight different light patterns and colors (you can even customize your own design!), this shower curtain can add some flair to a plain, small bathroom while still making your space feel open. It strikes the right balance between sheer and opaque, so it will still let some light into your shower without being completely see through. And because the company offers an 120-day money back guarantee, you can test it out in your space and see for yourself.

What fans say: "This shower curtain is a great value. For the price, I was expecting to get something that wasn't great quality, so I was pleasantly surprised. The material is a nice weight, not too light or heavy. The curtain is sheer enough to allow light through, but not too sheer - it's not see-through. The pattern is contemporary and helps to elongate a small bathroom."

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