Say Goodbye To Damaged Hair & Itchy Skin With These Chlorine-Busting Shower Filters

by Tiana Crump
Close up of Water flowing from shower in the bathroom interior

Showering in unfiltered, chlorinated water can lead to dry skin, brittle hair, color-treated hair that turns green, or worse — increased itchiness, and allergies. But the best shower filters for chlorine will let you relax under a hot flow of water without having to worry about any of the potential negative effects of chlorine on your body. Of course, not all shower filters are equal, so there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking to minimize your chlorine exposure.

First and foremost, you'll want to make sure the filter actually works, and you can do that by checking to see what materials it's made of. For example, although an excellent purifier for drinking water, carbon loses its effectiveness when heated above room temperature. So unless you're willing to commit to a cold shower routine, you’ll want to make sure your filter also includes compounds like brass, copper, and zinc. These materials also go by the names redox media and KDF 55 filters, and not only are they effective at higher temperatures, they also do a more thorough job of filtering water, since they use weak electric fields to purify, instead of relying solely on direct contact with the water.

You’ll also want to consider what kind of convenience and perks you're looking for. The most common options are an inline filter that works with your existing shower head or a combination filter plus shower head to replace your current shower head.

To help you make the best choice, here’s my roundup of the best shower filters for chlorine removal. And while you're researching, keep in mind: Most filters need to be replaced within six months on average.

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The Overall Best Inline Shower Filter For Chlorine

This inline shower filter by AquaBliss is a top pick for shoppers with over 2,500 positive reviews. It utilizes activated carbon, redox media, and calcium sulfite to purify water at all temperatures, while targeting odor, dirt, and scale buildup, as well.

It's compatible with almost all shower heads, and the tool-free installation is super easy — just unscrew your existing shower head, screw in the filter, and then reattach. This shower filter lasts up to eight months before you need to replace it, which is two months longer than most filters. And while most reviewers were happy with it, a few noticed lower water pressure.

According to one reviewer: “I suspect the high chlorine levels were causing skin irritation — our skin felt dry and itchy even though humidity levels have been quite high with the rains. As soon as this was installed, the chlorine smell disappeared, and our skin and hair (and lungs) feel better.”


The Overall Best Shower Head & Filter Combo

If you're looking to fully replace your shower head, this wall-mounted massage shower head by Culligan is a great bet. It easily installs onto 0.5-inch threaded shower arms and features five settings that let you control the coverage and intensity of water flow, so you can get a focused stream of water, a full body spray, or even a deep massage.

As far as filtered shower heads go, it's a budget-friendly pick, but you can still rest assured you're getting chlorine-reduction benefits — the shower head uses activated carbon and KDF media to filter, and is third-party-tested to confirm that it reduces chlorine. It also has material that helps limit passage and growth of bacteria. You'll need to change the filter every six months. However, some reviewers noticed that it lowered their water pressure a little.

According to one reviewer: “Before installing this filtered shower head, I had a lot of issues with mineral build-up on my scalp, causing intense itching. This filter solved that problem.”


A Heavy-Duty Shower Head & Filter Combo That Lowers Water Pressure The Least

For extra filtering capacity, this shower head and filter combo uses coconut carbon shells, complemented by KDF process copper and zinc, to filter for up to six months' worth of showers. It's been independently verified to be effective against chlorine, too. Weighing in at 6 pounds, it's on the bulkier side, but the up-flow design of this pricier option prevents clogging, so you're less likely to notice reduced water pressure.

According to one reviewer: “After the first shower using Aquasana's shower filter, I began to notice the immediate effects of showering in purified water. You'll start to see MUCH much softer, healthier skin and silkier hair with less split ends."


A Shower Filter You Only Have To Replace Once A Year

Although it's a little pricier upfront, this chlorine shower filter lasts an entire year before requiring replacement, making it super convenient and also saving you money in the long run. Plus, this inline filter still packs a purifying punch, using KDF 55 materials to remove chlorine, along with hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals.

There is one down side to this filter: Reviewers say it has a tendency to lower water pressure just a bit. But if you're willing to overlook that, you'll also get aromatherapy benefits. This filter features a built-in essential oil ring that diffuses your favorite scents while you suds up to help energize or relax you.

According to one reviewer: "My skin is also less dry, and showering has become a worry-free time for me. I don’t have to think about what my hair and body might be absorbing from the water. Will definitely purchase this again when the year is up!"