These Silk Pillowcases Are The Key To Luxurious Sleep — & Most Of Them Are Under $30

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Ahhhh, silk — is there anything more indulgent to press your face against each night? There are a number of things to consider when shopping around, especially if you want the best silk pillowcases.

The first consideration is something called "momme." For the uninitiated, this is a metric used to determine the quality of silk, particularly how durable it is. Generally speaking, the higher the momme, the better the silk. Aiming for 19-momme or higher will ensure you're purchasing a high quality pillowcase that won't start falling apart right away.

The next thing to factor in is the type of silk used. Mulberry silk, which is made from fibers spun by the Bombyx mori moth, is typically considered the best. The moths are fed a steady diet of Mulberry leaves, which results in them producing silk that's more durable and refined.

Next, consider the thread count. This in an indication of how tightly the silk is woven and therefore how durable it is, as well as how soft and comfortable it feels. As a rule of thumb, fabrics with a 400 thread count and higher are considered ideal.

Lastly, think about practical things, such as care (is it machine-washable or hand-wash only?), size (will it fit the pillows you own?), and style (do you like the color and pattern?).

With these factors in mind, I've done the research for you and compiled the best silk pillowcases on Amazon. Check out the results below.

1. The Overall Best

What's great about it: Specifically designed to be gentle on your hair and skin, this high-quality silk pillowcase won't tangle your hair, nor will it make your skin break out in pimples or hives. It's constructed with 19-momme, 100 percent Mulberry silk on both sides that boasts a 600 thread count, making it both soft and durable. It has a hidden zipper, so it won't poke your face while you sleep, and it comes in two dozens colors to choose from. Best of all, it's fully machine-washable.

What fans say: "I absolutely love this pillowcase! ... The first night had me totally sold. I was blown away by how soft and cool the material is. I will definitely be replacing my sheets very soon. The silk is amazing. If you're thinking about trying silk, I say go for it!"

  • Available sizes: Toddler, Throw, Standard, Queen, King, Body

The Best Organic Silk Pillowcase

What's great about it: If you're someone who prefers natural linens or has skin that's extra sensitive, this organic silk pillowcase is a wonderful choice. Like the previous selection, it's made from 19-momme, 100 percent Mulberry silk that has a 600 thread count. It is durable and soft with an airy, breathable feel. And on top of being fully organic, it's eco-friendly with natural dyes and no harsh chemicals. The soft pillowcase opens with a hidden zipper and comes in 35 colors and patterns. The only drawback is it's harder to wash. (Technically you can machine-wash it on the cold-gentle cycle but hand-washing is recommended, and you must hang it to dry).

What fans say: "This is one of the best purchases I have made for myself! The quality is great, it feels great against my skin, my hair looks fantastic in the morning, my skin looks better than ever, and I'm just super impressed! I love that it has a zipper ... Do yourself a favor and buy one! You will not regret it. You will LOVE it!!!"

  • Available sizes: Toddler, Throw, Standard, Queen, Kind, Body

The Best Splurge

What's great about it: Sometimes you just feel like spoiling yourself and if that's the case with your linen, this luxury silk pillowcase is the way to go. It's made with ultra-soft, 25-momme, 100 percent long-strand Mulberry silk. It has a side opening with a flap that lets you use it as either a pillowcase or a sham, and reviewers say it's amazing for both hair and skin. Plus, it comes in nine color choices. The only downside is that it must be hand-washed or dry-cleaned.

What fans say: "I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It is very well made. I checked the stitching and it is not poorly stitched, there are no mistakes in the [seams] and the edges are finished well. I am a quality snob ... It's the perfect thickness like that of an expensive silk robe. A little weighty and extremely flowy and soft. It was so soft and luxurious to sleep on. TOTALLY worth the extra money."

  • Available sizes: Standard, Queen, King

The Best Vegan Silk Pillowcase

What's great about it: Instead of using material harvested from silkworms, this vegan pillowcase relies on a synthetic alternative that's non-toxic and 100 percent cruelty-free. The material is made out of soft bamboo fabric that feels like silk, yet it doesn't require any animal products to make. The fabric is also exceptionally cool so it's a good choice for hot sleepers who want the extra temperature control. Reviewers say it's great for your skin and hair, and it's machine-washable in cold water. As a bonus, it's more affordable than real silk, too.

What fans say: "WOW is all I can say. If I knew of this product before buying regular silk OMG not only softer than regular silk but also cruelty free! People if [you] are reading this right now please try this vegan silk, make the switch. You won't regret it I promise."

  • Available sizes: 20 by 26 inches, 20 by 30 inches

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