These Socks Are Invisible Under Open-Toed Shoes — Just In Time For Summer


Flats. Heels. Open-toed booties. There are so many options for warm-weather footwear, but finding socks to go with them is trickier. The best socks for open-toed shoes keep your feet dry, cool, and comfortable without being visible when you step out in style.

The good news is there are a ton of open-toed sock options out there designed for every type of footwear you can think of. Toeless socks? Check. Socks with special cushioning for extra comfort? Check. There are even thick socks that will keep your toes free while providing support and protecting your ankles against blisters.

The best socks for you will depend on what type of shoe you plan on wearing them with, the comfort level you need, and how invisible you want them to be. If you're looking to wear socks under open-toed knee-high boots, you'll want to look for a pair that can cover your entire calf and protect your leg from chafing against the side of your boot. But if invisibility is what you're after, choose an option that can completely hide inside your shoe.

Regardless of your needs, you can be sure this list of the best socks for open-toed shoes has the perfect pair for you, so you can wear those super cute booties, totally pain-free.


The Best Socks To Wear With Open-Toed Shoes

This pack of three no-slip socks is the best deal on a pair of socks that will look virtually invisible in any open-toed shoe. Made with a unique blend of cotton fiber, these socks are thin and breathable, so your feet won't overheat if you're wearing them in a pair of sandals or heels. And, the non-slip grip in the heel combined with fabric that separates your big toe will keep your socks securely in place no matter how long you're on your feet. One reviewer swears by them, writing, "These are great because they stay securely on your toes and there's a small grippy piece to hold the sock comfortably onto your heel. They don't slip off at all and are comfortable all day long."


A More Comfortable Pair Of Toeless Socks — But Less Secure

Although most reviewers found the top pick to be comfortable, if you're sensitive to having fabric rub between your toes, these Hue's peep-toe liner may be a more comfortable alternative. Of course, since they don't attach to your big toe, that also means they won't be as secure, but the nylon-spandex blend should ensure that these socks stay in place all day long without any rubbing or blisters.


The Best Toeless Cushioned Socks To Help With Foot Pain

Echeer's cushioned toeless socks provide extra cushioning for anyone who suffers from foot pain like plantar fasciitis or is enduring long periods walking around in painful shoes. The circular sweat-wicking cushion sits under the ball of your foot, keeping your feet comfy and dry. It's also completely invisible inside any shoe, so you can wear anything from ballet flats to booties without experiencing pain or messing up your pedicure. On top of that, the sole of these socks is designed with annular beam elasticity so that it wraps comfortably around the surface of the foot to prevent it from sliding around inside your shoe.


The Best Thigh High Stockings To Wear With Opened-Toed Shoes — & Boots!

For a great alternative to tights, these open-toe thigh-highs are silky, sheer, and elegant enough to wear with any shoe. They feature an elastic lace band and a discreet strip of fabric between the first two toes to keep them in place throughout the day. Even better? They're extremely durable so you can wear them multiple times without runs or rips. One reviewers writes, "I have worn the same pair about 10 times without a pull or a run and am still washing and wearing them. The quality is amazing."

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