These Durable Spiralizers Can Tackle Hard Vegetables & They're Zoodles Of Fun


If you're ready to invest in one of the best spiralizers for hard vegetables, then you're probably well aware there are a lot of types: manual and electric; small and large; with or without additional blades. And, while all spiralizers perform the same function, there are a few key differences to pay attention to.

First, the number of interchangeable blades can be a game-changer. While making noodles is great, different blade shakes (aka individual blades that are different lengths with different serrations) will allow you to make everything from garnishes to fruit rings. In general, you'll get more use out of a spiralizer with more blades. But if you prefer veggie noodles over everything else, there are plenty of choices for spiralizers with ultra high-quality, replaceable blades.

Another thing to keep in mind is how often you're planning on using your spiralizer. If you know you'll be pulling your spiralizer out frequently, it may make sense to invest in a larger one, which takes up more room on a counter or in a cabinet, but will ultimately offer the most useful features. But if you aren't sure you're all-in on veggie noodles yet, look into a smaller one that won't take up as much space.

It can be tough to narrow down your options, especially when it comes to new kitchenware you haven't tried out yet. Here's a list of some of the best spiralizers for hard vegetables out there to help you out.


Best Overall, All Things Considered

What's Great About It: With seven interchangeable blades, this spiralizer can slice any fruit veggie up to 7 inches wide, so you can easily turn sweet potatoes into curly fries or apples into rings. There's also a super strong suction cup on the bottom to keep this machine firmly in place. Just press it into a flat, non-porous surface, turn the suction switch on, and the spiralizer is totally secure while you slice and dice.

As a bonus, this machine also comes with four e-cookbooks with tons of healthy recipes so you get a better idea of what your spiralizer can do!

What Fans Say: Gourmet chefs and cooking novices alike can't stop raving about the no-budge suction cup on the bottom of this spiralizer. One reviewer writes, "The non-slip component is absolutely one of the best features. The blades are super sharp and cut perfectly. THIS IS A MUST HAVE STAPLE IN YOUR KITCHEN!!!"


Best Electric

What's Great About It: If you're looking for something quick and easy to get started with, this electric spiralizer gets the job done without the fuss. There are four rotating blades that cut through fruits and veggies up to 6 inches long to create flawless noodles every time. The best part? It's completely hands-free. Just set up your produce of choice, turn the spiralizer on, and let it do its thing. It even comes with an auto-stop feature so it shuts off when its done, and the snap-on bowl catches the noodles for you while you're away.

The Tradeoffs: This machine doesn't have very many options when it comes to shape, size, or cut. It has no interchangeable blades, so it's all noodles, all the time. Also, it only works with vegetables up to 6 inches long, which excludes some larger squash and fruits.

What Fans Say: Reviewers love how simple this spiralizer is to use, and that they don't have to worry about cutting themselves since it does the work for them. One reviewer writes, "I have struggled with the little hand spiraled and feared I might cut a finger on the blades while twisting my vegetables through it or cleaning it. This comes with a handy brush to clean it with that I love. Bella makes spiraling fun and easy."


Most Compact

What's Great About It: This small spiralizer is only 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, so it can fit just about anywhere in your kitchen without taking up much space. Even though it's small, you can still make wide or thin noodles with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Plus, the wider blade opening on this machine means you get way more noodles without all the clogging and waste. And when you're done, you can toss this entire unit in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

The Tradeoffs: While this spiralizer is great for beginners, it doesn't offer much versatility. And because it's only 5 inches long, there's a wide variety of fruits and vegetables it may not be able to slice.

What Fans Say: Most reviewers love how compact and easy-to-use this little spiralizer is. One reviewer had tried a larger unit but wasn't a fan. She writes, "The stick-to-the-counter spiralizer did not work for me at all. It took up too much counter space in my small kitchen, was difficult to use, and made a mess. Then I bought the Vegetable Spiralizer by Spiralife. When it arrived I took it out of the box, washed it, put a zucchini in, gave it a few turns over a serving bowl, and I was done. All in ten minutes or less."


Also, Great: An 8-in-1 Multipurpose Spiralizer You'll Get A Lot Of Use Out Of

What's Great About It: If you already have a pretty good handle on what you're doing in the kitchen, this multifunctional spiralizer is a perfect addition to your cookware. First, it comes with four stainless steel blades you can change to create different noodle shapes, chips, rings, and garnishes. It's also a mandoline, grater, and juicer! You can make pretty much anything you can dream up out of this machine, and at only $25, it's worth it.

The Tradeoffs: This machine doesn't have a suction cup on the bottom, so it may be difficult to stabilize while you crank the handle. And while the unique design is supposed to allow gravity to help do some of the work, some reviewers note it's an awkward angle to turn the handle.

What Fans Say: Reviewers tend to love the durability of this machine. They note that it's still in good shape after multiple uses, writing, "[I]t continues to be the best of the bunch, by a wide margin. The quality of the Mueller still impresses me - the blades show no signs of getting dull, even though I often use it for processing turnips and rutabagas."

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