The 4 Best Squalane Oils

By Marissa DeSantis

Using ingredients in your skin care routine that naturally occur in the body has become a growing beauty trend. And while hyaluronic acid has been the undisputed champ over the past few years, squalane is making a move for its spot. The moisturizing ingredient is also lightweight and non-irritating, making it suitable for all skin types. That means that finding the best squalane oil for your skin is simple — you can either stick to a 100 percent squalane formula and cocktail it with other products in your routine, or choose a squalane oil that's already paired with some other good-for-skin ingredients.

When it comes to application, you can apply squalane oil in the morning and at night because it's so lightweight. You should always apply the oil to clean skin, but if you use a toner or serum, you'll want to apply those (and your eye cream) beforehand. You can use squalane on its own, or you can double up on the moisture by finishing with a night cream. Or, kill two birds with one stone by mixing a few drops of your squalane oil directly into your moisturizer.

Also, be sure that you're looking for products with squalane oil and not squalene oil (note the different spelling). While the one letter difference might not seem like a big deal, squalane is a much more stable byproduct of squalene oil because it's hydrogenated, which means it won't break down as quickly (aka squalane equals a longer shelf-life).

Though traditionally sourced from shark liver and used in traditional medicines across Asia, today, skin care professionals source squalane in a much more environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free way, from plants like olives, rice bran, and sugarcane.

To add plant-derived squalane to your skin care routine, check out five of the best squalane oils available on Amazon.