These Are The Stain Removers Amazon Reviewers Swear By For Getting Out Grease


When it comes to discovering new stains on your clothing and upholstery, none are what you'd call "good" or "better" stains than others — but grease stains are definitely one of the most dreaded. The best stain removers for grease stains are a must for fighting the oily messes which can lead a favorite shirt to get tossed in the "do not wear" pile.

Old-fashioned hacks for fighting grease stains are great, but they often work best on some fabrics like cotton and not others. And since oil-based stains usually just darken the area (rather than leaving a colored spot), it's often tough to figure out if they're actually out when the fabric is wet. If you're fighting an especially tricky stain, it's best to wash the area and let it air dry to make sure it's out, rather than throwing it into the dryer with the risk of setting the stain further in.

Browse the four picks below whether you're looking for a laundry aid or a travel-friendly pretreatment and say goodbye to those grease stains. These products vary in design and formula, but they all share one thing in common: Reviewers swear they make grease stains vanish. As an added bonus, they are all multitaskers that will get many kinds of stains out, so you won't have to throw away your clothes or sheets the next time you spill red wine, get a cut, or spend an afternoon sitting in the grass either.


Best Overall Stain Remover For Grease

This cult-favorite stain remover is one of the most highly reviewed on Amazon. It works best when you thoroughly saturate the grease stain with the product, leave it to absorb for an hour or so, and then wash it out by hand or in a washer. Reviewers say it takes out oil and grease stains on jeans, tablecloths, and even silk shirts.

Many have even had luck with the formula getting rid of older stains. "My BF had a pair of Dockers khaki pants with a bunch of oil stains from a fryer," one happy customer says. "The oil stains were about 3-months-old on these pants! I gave this solution a try ... I was shocked when I inspected the pants after! There are no spots anywhere!"

With a name like Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, it isn't shocking that the brand has managed to conceal its full ingredients list. But here's what you can be certain of: The formula has no chlorine or phosphates, is never tested on animals, and is biodegradable. Some reviewers found the bottles to be difficult to squeeze, and it's best to keep them stored upright since some reported leaking.


The Best Natural Grease Stain Remover

This is a natural plant-based stain remover that cleans a variety of surfaces including clothing, wood, tile, glass, and upholstery. It doesn't contain bleach, color, dyes, or phosphates and is safe to use around pets and children. With ingredients including disinfecting eucalyptus oil and grease-busting citrus extracts, it also leaves a fresh, invigorating scent.

Reviewers say it effectively removes stubborn stains like body oils from pillowcases and sheets, and even motor oil. "Very thin carpet in utility room had motor oil spilled on it for approximately four years. This diluted solution and an old washrag took it away! [It] basically vanished in front of my eyes," one Amazon customer writes.

The Amazing Whip-It comes in a variety of strengths and sizes, but this concentrated version is an especially economical and customizable choice — just dilute it with water according to your needs. A single bottle is equivalent to 32 bottles of regular all-purpose cleaner. However, reviewers note that it's important to follow the various dilution ratios closely, as the strength needed to remove clothing stains is very different from what you'd use to clean hardwood floors.


The Travel-Friendly Stain Remover Choice

There are times when you notice a grease stain on clothing but aren't anywhere near a washing machine (or just don't have the time to drop everything and do laundry). This stain remover stick is perfect for busy days and travel because you simply roll the stick over stains, rub it in, allow it to settle, and then wash your clothes when it's convenient for you.

The stick formula is compact and won't leak or spill, making it a great choice for travel. It also addresses a wide range of stains: wine, coffee, grass, and, yes, oil.

"Have gotten cooking oil stains out of my clothes, baby food and poop stains out of baby's clothes ... and mud stains out of my husband's clothes," one reviewer reports. Others say they've let treated items sit in the hamper for a week, and the stains still came out in the wash.


The Laundry-Boosting Stain Remover — That Also Works As A Spot Treatment

If you find yourself with frequent grease stains in your laundry, this powder formula works as a stain-fighting sidekick to your regular laundry detergent. Use it as an added aid to blast away stains and make clothing brighter in both regular and HE washers.

The chlorine-free formula contains 99 percent active stain-fighting ingredients. It's also an economical choice: One box of OxiClean lasts up to 156 loads of wash. That's less than 10 cents per load. No wonder it's such a popular choice on Amazon with more than 1,900 reviews and a 4.4-star overall rating.

The washer is not where its abilities end. For linen and clothing stains that are large, old, or extra stubborn, it doubles as a pre-soak treatment, or apply it as a spot cleaner on carpets or upholstery. While it is safe for colors, it's recommended that you test a hard-to-see area first to make sure your items are colorfast. Some customers reported slight fading.

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