The 4 Best Standing Fans


When the weather turns hot and the air is sticky and uncomfortable, having one of the best standing fans can come in handy. Because, with a strong motor and a tall frame, a standing fan can powerfully cool a room — and you — down without taking up a ton of space.

Most standing fans you come across will be lightweight and slimmer than traditional fans, but there are a lot of nuances in the kinds you'll see. For example, some fans have plastic blades while others have metal. While this might seem like an arbitrary difference, plastic blades tend to make for a quieter fan, but metal blades produce a more powerful airflow.

Beyond materials, your decision will come down to add-on features and price. For example, some stands will have remote controls you can use to operate them from anywhere in the room, oscillating blades to reach your entire space, or will even have misting capabilities to deliver cooler, moisture-rich air to your room.

But, whether you're looking for a top-of-the-line, investment fan, or one that will keep you cool without breaking the bank, I've got you covered. Here are some of the best standing fans on the market to help you narrow down your decision.