For Flawless Foundation, You'll Want A Stippling Brush — & Here Are The Best Ones


Whether you're a professional makeup artist or a newbie, a stippling brush can help you create an "airbrushed" look with its two layers of bristles and a flattened application surface. But with so many options available, to find the best stippling brush for your collection, consider where you want to use it which will impact the size, shape, and density of the bristles.

However, all stippling brushes follow the same structure. The feathery fibers at the top pick up foundation while the dense bristles underneath provide support as you rub the product in. To get the best results, it's recommended to first dab the foundation onto your skin before smoothing it out since these brushes are specifically designed to dot — aka "stipple" — makeup instead of gliding it around like a paintbrush.

Some brushes are wider and able to cover larger areas, while others are thin or dome-shaped which make them easier to navigate around tight spaces. Most stippling brushes can handle both powdered and liquid products, though.

While choosing a stippling brush, you should consider your budget. Most of the options on this list are all $10 or less, but one brush comes in a 15-piece set with different makeup appliers. If you opt for something like that, you could save money on other brushes in the long run.

Go ahead and scroll through the following stippling brushes and choose the ones that are best for your makeup routine.

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The Overall Best Stippling Brush For Most People

This flat-top stipple brush uses two layers of non-absorbent synthetic bristles to distribute makeup evenly. The bristles are easy to clean when you're done applying your foundation, and they can be used for liquid or powdered makeup. According to the manufacturer, this brush — along with others from Keshima — has undergone an extensive process to prevent shedding. And finally, this selection is wide enough to cover a large surface area — but it might be too large for tight spaces.

What fans write: "This is by far the best stippling brush I've ever used! It gives foundation that air-brushed look and there is no shedding that I have experienced with every other stippling brush, even the top brands. This is a fabulous buy!"


The Best Mini Stippling Brush For Tight Areas

When stippling around your eyes, lips, and nose, a smaller brush with more compact bristles like this one might make things easier. This mini precision stippling brush also has a flat, dense top — and it can be used with creamy foundation or powder around tight areas with ease. It also uses two layers of synthetic bristles. According to one reviewer, it doesn't shed, either: "It stipples and swirls well and washes easily with zero shedding."

What fans write: "I like this small brush is well made and very effective. Soft bristles with sharp defining edge. Awesome small brush."


The Best Stippling Brush With Domed Bristles

This stippling brush is made with an extra-strong fitting to help prevent any shedding, making it another long-lasting option. However, it's different from others that I've mentioned because it has a domed surface instead of a flat one. It's still layered, but the rounded top is especially great for blending foundation in smaller areas (kind of like the mini stippling brush). This option also uses high-quality synthetic bristles that can withstand both powder and liquid foundation.

What fans write: "Brush is beautiful! Works well with liquid and with powder. Will order another! Thank you!"


This 15-Piece Set That Comes With A Stippling Brush

The cost can add up quickly when you're putting your makeup collection together, and this set of high-quality brushes is an easy way to save a few dollars while getting most of the essentials. Each set comes with one stippling brush and 14 additional brushes made for both powder and liquid products. Like the others that I've mentioned, the included stippling brush is made with soft, layered synthetic bristles — and the brand claims that it won't shed. This pack even comes with a faux leather case that you can keep your new brushes in.

What fans write: "The stippling brush and the eye blending brushes are my favorite. I washed all my brushes before using them and they all washed well I haven’t experienced any hairs falling out."