4 Travel Mugs That Can Brew The Perfect Cuppa Tea On The Go

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No offense to the classic tea bag, which makes brewing tea so easy, but bags don't make for a travel-friendly tea drinking experience. Plus, if you prefer loose leaf tea, there's also the reality that bags can taste different. Luckily, the best tea infuser travel mugs are an amazing and versatile product if loose hot tea, cold tea, or herb and fruit-infused waters are your on-the-go beverage of choice. But with so many varieties of travel mugs to choose from, it's helpful to get a handle on the pros and cons of what's out there.

One of the more popular tea infuser mugs you'll come across is double-walled glass mugs that put your mind at ease when it comes to BPAs and other harmful chemicals that you'll find in a lot of plastic cups — and that are released upon contact with hot water. On the other hand, if designed with the right technology, stainless steel mugs are capable of keeping your tea hot (or cold) for hours. Although, when shopping for stainless steel options, it's important to read reviews and find a steel mug that is resistant to odors and stains.

No matter what mug material you prefer, the tea tumbler mug options on this list all have a few crucial things in common: they have leak-proof lids that are tight and won't make a mess in your car (or on your coat); and their high-quality steel strainers hold herbs and fruit securely so that you never take a sip of your drink and wind up with tea leaves on your tongue.

Most importantly, you'll never have to bother with a tea bag again.


A Travel Mug That Allows You To Control The Strength Of Your Tea

This genius tea infuser solves the one problem that a lot of tea-lovers have with travel tea mugs: the ability to easily control the strength of their tea. Whereas with tea bags you can simply pop the lid off your mug and toss your tea leaves when your drink has reached your desired level of concentration, many mugs take a considerable amount of effort to discard the leaves — and that's if the design allows you to discard them at all. However, thanks to the valve in this travel tea mug, you can easily separate your tea leaves from your tea by simply twisting the main body of the mug. That means not only can it stop the extraction process so your tea doesn't over steep, but you don't even need a trash can to empty your leaves into.

The mug comes in four colors and is made from Tritan plastic which is BPA-free and resembles glass. It also has a double-layered design to keep the outside of the bottle from being hot to the touch or developing condensation, and it come with a travel case and a carabiner keychain.

If there is one downside to this bottle, it's the size. The main body only holds about 10 ounces, which means it's fairly small for a travel mug. But that's a small price to pay for a mug that lets you brew the perfect cuppa tea every time.


A Glass Tea Infuser Travel Mug With A Removable Strainer

If you have your heart set on a glass option, this tea infuser travel mug has a unique double-ended design that lets you discard tea leaves to control the strength of your tea. Although it is not as simple and convenient the top travel mug pick on this list, it still gets the job done while offering all the benefits that comes with buying a glass bottle.

Here is how it works: There is a lid on both the top and the bottom, and the strainer attaches to the bottom lid. To make your tea, add your leaves to the strainer, attach it to the bottom lid, and pour water into the top. Then, screw on the lid and let it sit. When your tea has reached your desired strength, flip the bottle over and detach the bottom lid and strainer. Then discard the leaves and reattach the bottom.

The bottle is double-walled to provide insulation as well as prevent condensation. It holds 14-ounces, can be used without the infuser as a standard water bottle, and comes with a protective sleeve. The bottle itself is dishwasher safe, but you'll have to wash the strainer and lid by hand.


A Glass Tea Tumbler With A Detachable Cup

This double-walled glass tea tumbler is 16-ounces (slightly larger than the previous travel mugs), comes with a stainless steel strainer, and a protective case made from food-grade PC that protects it from falls and ensures you won't burn your hand. It has a leak-proof lid, keeps hot drinks hot for seven hours and cold drinks cold for 18 hours, and it boasts another cool feature: a built-in cup that you unscrew from the bottom of the bottle. The cup isn't just great if you want to pour yourself a cuppa tea instead of drinking straight from the bottle, but it's also a perfect place to store extra loose leaf tea so you can refill your mug later in the day.

Note that on this mug, the stainless steel filter is placed in the mouthpiece rather than in an infuser basket, so once your tea leaves are inside, you won't be able to easily discard them until you've finished your tea. This makes it best for long tea infusions.


A Bamboo And Stainless Steel Tumbler That Keeps Beverages Hot For 12 Hours

For the option that will keep your tea hot (or cold!) for the longest period of time, check out this 17-ounce bamboo and stainless steel tumbler with a tea infuser. The interior is made from quality, food-grade stainless steel that won't give off an unpleasant scent and is resistant to bacteria. It's free of chemicals and toxins like lead and BPAs and its vacuum insulation technology makes it possible to keep hot beverages hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold and fresh for the entire day — imagine never having to stop and find a microwave or fridge.

The tumbler's lid is leak- and spill-proof and you'll get one extra tea infuser with your order. The infuser can be used two ways (for a long infusion or short infusion) and it's fairly simple to discard tea leaves — simply pull the basket out from the top and empty the leaves into the garbage. Unlike glass or clear plastic models, with a stainless steel bottle you won't be able to see the strength of your tea, so instead you'll have to go purely by taste, but it's not too much of a sacrifice if temperature is an important factor for you.

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