These Spill-Proof Thermoses Are Perfect For Drinking Your Morning Coffee On The Go

by Andrea Hannah

As an avid coffee lover, my thermos is basically glued to my hand all day. My requirements for a superb pick are high. The best thermoses for coffee have to keep my beverages piping hot all day long while still being durable and easy to wash.

There are a lot of thermos options out there, but the key is to look for ones that have double insulated walls and a vacuum seal once you pop on the top. This technology is what keeps your drink hot for hours and protects against spills.

It's also important to consider the materials each thermos is made from. Stainless steel is a top choice, because it's durable (for when you inevitably drop it), easy to wash, and doesn't hold onto odors. If you're really rough with your thermoses, you also may want to consider something with a ceramic outer shell, which can stave off dings and dents.

Similarly, auto-lock technology and is a great feature to look out for particularly if you're prone to knocking over coffee mugs and thermoses.

With so many options, it can be hard to pick exactly the right thermos for you. Here's a list of some of the best thermoses for coffee out there to help you narrow it down.


Best Overall, All Things Considered

This top-of-the-line thermos is double-wall insulated with a stainless steel interior, so it keeps your coffee hot literally all day. The outer shell is also covered in a thick coating that won't peel, crack, and can take a beating without any dents or chips. It's also BPA-free and dishwasher safe so it's super easy to clean and use daily.

On top of that, it's pretty much impossible to spill anything using this thermos. There's a two-step lid release process and lock feature so it won't accidentally pop open, and you can forget about messy desk spills. And as an added bonus, there's an air vent on the mouthpiece so your coffee flows out smoothly (no more scalding your tongue!). When it comes to coffee thermoses, this one truly hits all the marks.


Runner-Up: A Stainless Steel Option With Auto-Lock

While this travel thermos with auto-lock technology doesn't protect against spills quite as well as the best overall thermos above, it's made with stainless steel that keeps coffee hot for up to seven hours. Each time you finish drinking from it, the mouth opening snaps shut and vacuum-seals the beverage inside to keep it hot. You do have to press down a button on the side every time you drink to unseal it, but it's worth it to avoid a mess.

The lid is easily detached from the body and both can be dropped in the dishwasher for simple, easy cleaning. While some reviewers mentioned that this thermos can dent more easily without a protective coating, that won't affect how hot it keeps your coffee.


The Largest: A 52-Ounce Thermos With An Ergonomic Handle

This large-capacity thermos can hold almost a half-gallon of coffee (or almost seven cups!), so you only have to fill it once to have enough coffee for the entire day. It also features double-wall insulation with a stainless steel exterior to keep your beverages hot, and the ergonomic, soft-grip handle makes it super easy to lift. One downside? While this thermos is great for long days at your desk, it won't fit in standard cup holders. And due to the handle, you'll need to hand-wash this thermos, which takes a little more time and effort.


Most Affordable: A Vacuum-Insulated Thermos That Only Costs $10

Like most top-notch tumblers and thermoses, this vacuum-insulated option is double-walled to keep your coffee hot for hours, and only costs $10. It also features an internally-threaded flip lid that helps prevent leaks — just twist it on, lock the mouth vent, and you can forget about spills. On top of that, the exterior wall has been coated to prevent damage and dings, and the interior wall has been dipped in copper for an added layer of heat-keeping insulation. Some reviewers mention that the extra lid and straw this thermos comes with aren't leak-proof, so be sure to stick with the internal lid for hot drinks. You'll also need to wash this thermos by hand between uses.

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