Touchless Kitchen Faucets Are Game-Changing — & These Are The 4 Best Ones

With so many innovative home products on the market — some of which are life changing, others of which are nice but you can probably live without — it's easy to become jaded by all of your options. But if you think about it, the best touchless kitchen faucets are so much more than just smart fads. They can actually keep you healthier and make your life so much easier.

Your hands reach for kitchen faucet handles when they're perfectly clean and you need to wash a pot or dish, but also after you've been somewhere where germs reside and your goal is to remove bacteria and germs from your hands. The problem, of course, is that when you touch your faucet with dirty hands, you transfer that dirt to the faucet surface, where it will stay until you physically clean your faucet.

A touchless faucet is a more hygienic kitchen alternative that works using motion sensing technology. The faucet is constructed with one or two sensors, as well as a traditional lever to adjust the temperature. It turns on when you simply position or wave your hand beneath it, which means you'll never have to touch your faucet with germ-ridden hands again. (You will have to change the faucet's battery on occasion, so be aware that there is minor maintenance involved in owning one of these cool faucets.)

These touchless faucets differ in terms of price and features, but all are constructed to fit one or three hole sinks. Depending on the features that are most important to you — whether that means an automatic turn-off function or a fully flexible hose — you'll find on that's perfect for your home.

The Most Popular Touchless Faucet

This touchless faucet has one sensor that turns on water with the wave of a hand. The retractable spray head has a 68-inch hose and is convenient to use when washing dishes and cleaning counters. Its spray technology provides 50 percent more power than other faucets, and its pull-down spout has a switch that lets you toggle between spray and stream mode. This is a popular touchless faucet model with more than 1,000 mostly positive reviews that touch upon its effective design. It’s not bad looking, either, and comes in three finishes: oil-rubbed bronze, spot resistant stainless steel, or chrome.

Best Affordable Touchless Faucet

This is one of the most affordable, yet still highly reviewed, touchless faucets you’ll find. And, for a budget option, it boasts more than a few great features you might not expect. After three minutes of no detected activity, this faucet automatically turns off. It has three modes: aerated stream for daily cleaning, a powerful rinse for more serious cleaning, and a pause function to stop water in case you want to use the sink for other purposes (like drying veggies in a colander). The sprayer head swivels 360 degrees, which gives you plenty of cleaning options. Many reviewers say this faucet is truly simple to install, but there's one thing to consider before purchasing: a portion of the faucet is constructed from plastic. The neck and handle, however, are made from metal. If you're okay with that detail, this touchless faucet will save you plenty of money.

Best Faucet With An Extra Flexible Hose

The standout feature on this touchless kitchen faucet is its ultra-flexible hose. If you often find yourself using the extractable hose function, this is a great option since it provides four times the spray reach as competing faucets. Similar to the other Moen model, this one has clean spray technology that delivers 50 percent more spray power and two spray options: spray or rinse. It has a Duralock quick connect system for easy installation and comes in chrome or spot resistant stainless steel.

Best Hybrid Kitchen Faucet With Smart Features

This touch-sensitive faucet model deviates slightly from the other touchless faucets. It requires a light touch anywhere on the base or spout to get the water flowing. With that said, it's also a smart model: It can detect the difference between a grab and touch, which keeps it from becoming activated when you don't want it on. If you want lots of features, you'll love this faucet. A blue LED light turns on when the faucet is activated and turns red to indicate when it needs a battery change. LED lights also turn blue to magenta to red to show water temperature changes to eliminate second guessing. If the faucet is not being used after four minutes, it automatically shuts off to conserve water and prevent flooding.

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