The 4 Best Touchless Trash Cans


If you're ready to invest in one of the best touchless trash cans, you should know a few things first. In the world of touchless trash cans, there are really two types. First, there are automatic trash cans that open when you trip the sensor on top with your hand or your voice. Second, there are step trash cans that you can open with your foot.

(Yes, since step cans technically do require you to make contact with your foot in order to open them, they aren't 100-percent "touchless." You'll still find both options on this list.)

For reference, a standard kitchen trash can fits a 13-gallon bag. But, if you know a lot of people will be using it, you might want to size up to a 15-gallon trash can. Investing in a double bin with separate compartments for recycling and trash might be the right move for you if you want a trash can that can hold both.

Word to the wise: No matter which trash can you buy, pay mind to its warranty. This is especially important with automatic trash cans, which tend to run into issues with their many moving parts — batteries, sensors, and frames. If you'd rather not worry about warranties at all, opt for a step can. You'll barely have to come into contact with it, and it's a lot less maintenance in the long run.

Without further ado: Here are the best touchless trash cans you can buy.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

Not only can you activate this automatic trash can simply by waving your hand over the sensor at the top, but it's also built with an odor-absorbing filter that'll keep your home smelling fresh. Those are two big reasons why this fan-favorite trash can has earned glowing praise from over 6,000 Amazon reviewers. Even better, it can operate by batteries (included) or a separate AC adapter, and only uses power when it's operating — so you won't have to swap the batteries out as frequently. The stainless steel body resists germs and fingerprints, and is shockingly durable. But even if it weren't, this trash can comes with a lifetime warranty, a significantly better warranty than any other option on this list. That means if you run into any issues (and with most automatic trash cans, this is inevitably a given), iTouchless will help you sort it out.

What fans say: "We love this trash can. The best part is the automatic lid and deodorizer; both of these things keep the trash can neat and clean! The smart rim that holds the bag in place ensures that the top of the bag never gets soiled, so when it comes time to take it out, your hands don't come in contact with anything gross. This is by far the best trash can we've ever had!"


2.. The Best Double Trash Can

With two separate built-in compartments, this automatic double trash can is perfect for separating your trash from your recycling. Each side will fit 9 gallons of garbage or empty cans (reviewers say they use 13-gallon trash bags), and has a convenient sticker on it so you don't have to remember which side is trash and which side is recycling. To use it, simply wave a hand over the top and the lid will open so you can deposit your trash or recycling. The stainless steel body contains any unpleasant odors and resists fingerprints, as well. With a two-year warranty, this automatic trash can is a steal for anyone looking to contain both their trash and their cans and bottles in one touchless bin.

What fans say: "Holds more than you think! I waited for a while to write this so I could be sure it would hold up. THIS IS A GREAT GARBAGE CAN!!! I love it. I was worried it wouldn’t hold much and be too small, but I didn’t want to have 2 separate cans for trash and recycling taking up lots of space in my apartment. This holds plenty - I empty it about once a week, sometimes it can go longer but I don’t like to leave wet things longer than a week. (Coffee grounds etc.) It’s easy to change the bags. Lid works automatically every time. Has a cute little noise it makes when the lid lifts - not loud at all. Light lets you know it’s on. Looks nice. Buy it! You won’t regret it!"


The Best Value

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this set of two automatic trash cans. For the same price as other options on this list, you'll get two cans: a small, 2-gallon bin for a bathroom or bedroom, and a large 13-gallon trash can for a kitchen. Aside from their (frankly) unbelievable price, these two bins have a bunch of great features that have won them fans far and wide. Their motion sensors are water resistant and battery operated, and their base is made of durable stainless steel. And, should you run into any issues in the first two years, these trash cans come with a warranty. If you're in the market for touchless trash cans for multiple rooms, you won't find a better deal on a set of two anywhere else.

What fans say: "Hands down these are THE BEST garbage bins I have ever had. They help prevent the spread of germs/bacteria as they are hands-free! Plus, they look pretty nice, too! So in the kitchen, this is a huge bonus to have. In the bathroom is where I recommend the smaller one go, for obvious reasons, and you will not be disappointed! They are even great if you have kids, because they don’t need to touch the bins, AND think it’s fun to throw their trash away! Definitely a winning product, and more than worth the money! Highly recommend!"


The Best Voice-Activated Trash Can

There aren't a lot of trash cans out there that can be activated by the sound of your voice. Enter, this voice-activated stainless steel trash can by simplehuman. Simply say, "open can," and the lid will raise so you can drop your trash inside. Reviewers say this is especially helpful if you need to unload a whole armful of papers or other rubbish. This can also has a motion sensor, so it can operate similarly to the other automatic trash cans on this list, as well. While $200 might seem like a lot to spend on a trash can, fans say the purchase is worth "every penny." It also comes with a stellar, five-year warranty in case you should run into any issues.

What fans say: "This may have been the most expensive trash can I have ever bought and probably one of the most awesome purchases i've bought. You never realize how crappy the $12-20 trashcans are until you spend a little more on it and then you're like "holy crap". Saying "open can" when my hands are full is super helpful, but even better is just waving the can open... I feel weird raving about a trashcan and trash bags, but truly, if you're on the fence, take the dive! Its totally worth it."


You May Also Want: A Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

If your goal is to find a trash can lid you never have to lift, you might be better off with a classic step trash can like this one from simplehuman. It's a bit more expensive than some of the automatic options above, and not technically touchless (you'll have to touch the pedal with your foot). But, because this can doesn't rely on a battery or motion sensor, you're a lot less likely to run into any warranty-raising issues. And you can still operate it without touching the lid: Simply push the pedal with your foot to open and close the top. It also has a stainless steel body that's durable and can trap any trash smells inside. You can fit up to 10 gallons (or 38 liters) of trash in this can, so it's the perfect size for a kitchen or office. If you're really after a no-fuss option that you won't have to touch with your hands, this step trash can is probably the way to go.

What fans say: "We had an automatic garbage can that was honestly - garbage. The sensor would go off every time you walked near it which was really annoying. We ended out taking out the batteries and then it was difficult to open... In the beginning, I just couldn't justify spending this much on a garbage can but after looking at everything, I kept coming back to this one. Now, I can honestly say it is a fabulous garbage can. It looks nice in the kitchen, it has a great profile, it is easy to open and the lid closes slowly and quietly."

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