These Are The Earbuds You Should Pack When You Travel


In the ongoing search for the most essential items to bring with you when you travel, the best travel earbuds are at the very top of any list. Because, every trip is made better by a great soundtrack, and most travel experiences involve dealing with loud and unfamiliar noises (I'm looking at you, crying baby across the aisle on a plane).

After pouring over reviews and reading tons of travel blogs, I can tell you that the best earbuds to travel with feature great sound quality, are often noise-canceling or noise-isolating, and are comfortable in your ears for extended wear.

And while the best pair out there (Bose's Quiet Comfort Earbuds, based on my research) might set you back a bit, there are plenty of more affordable earbuds that are perfect for upcoming trips, as well.

But, to some degree the best pair for you will come down to what sort of traveler you are. If you're looking for a pair you can pop in and fall asleep wearing during a long flight or car ride, prioritize comfort. In contrast, a pair of sweat-proof headphones might be what you need if you're headed to a warm climate, or plan on exercising at your destination.

With so many options, choosing a solid pair that works for you can be tricky. Here are some of the best travel earbuds out there to help you relax on your next vacation.


Best Noise-Canceling Headphones That Have All The Bells And Whistles

Bose's Quiet Comfort earbuds have noise-canceling functionality that completely drowns out background noise. And when you want to tune back into the world around you, just touch the "Aware Mode" button to listen in to your surroundings. The super soft pads provide a secure, yet comfortable, fit so you can wear them on long trips without pain, and the inline microphone and remote make it easily to switch between phone calls and your media. Plus, these earbuds boast a 16-hour battery life before they need to be recharged, so you can take them on any long trip without worrying they'll wear out.


Best Wireless Earbuds That Are Noise-Canceling And Sweat-Proof

Not only are these earbuds by ICEtek completely wireless, but they also come with their own recharging pod. Just slip them into the pod to charge up and take them with you anywhere. And when you're ready to connect again, these earbuds can pair with any Bluetooth device up to 33 feet away. The intelligent, single-button control can be combined with voice alerts to alert you to incoming calls and battery level. They're also completely sweat-proof and have a 15-hour battery life. While these feature noise-canceling technology similar to the pair above, their Bluetooth reliance makes them not quite as practical if you travel in places with poor connection or no access to cell phone data.


A Less Expensive Noise-Isolating Pair That's Great For Sleeping

For a less pricier pair that will also block out ambient noise, Maxrock's earbuds still feature noise-isolating technology and boast next-level comfort. The patented speaker system and unique earplug design effectively block out noise while still providing a crisp listening experience. They're also super lightweight so they won't tug on your ears, and the soft silicone inserts are so comfortable you can easily sleep on your side without any pain. They also come with their own zippered pouch so they're easy to pack without worrying about where they are in your bag. These earbuds have a huge fanbase, with one reviewer writing, "These are so soft, so comfortable, and has a great sound to top it off. Best purchase I've made on Amazon in a good while."


Most Affordable Pair With 35,000 Five-Star Reviews

Panasonic's ErgoFit earbuds provide the comfort you need for long flights or day-long car travel, at a budget-friendly price. With ultra-soft ErgoFit pads, these earbuds mold to your ear for maximum comfort. They also feature an extra long cord that can easily be threaded through clothes and bags without getting tangled, and they even come in nine fun colors if you're looking for something to match with your other travel gear. With over 50,000 reviews, these earbuds are a definite fan-favorite. One reviewer swears by them, writing, "The sound quality is amazing, and they actually cut out most sound when you wear them so they are awesome for travelling. Very comfortable fit, insane quality for the 10$ price."

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