These Garment Steamers Will Rescue Your Travel Wardrobe

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As far as chores go, I consider ironing to be right up there with dusting as something I'd rather just avoid. But when special events like weddings or job interviews come around and having fresh and wrinkle-free clothes is essential, the best travel steamers can really come in handy.

Unlike ironing, which can be complicated and — if you're as certifiably clumsy as I am — likely to result in damage to either your clothes or yourself (or both), steaming is a relatively simple process that's kind of hard to mess up. A good travel steamer basically does all the work for you, and since most travel steamers are designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to pack for your vacation or trip, they're a real must-have when you're living out of a suitcase. Most importantly, they can save you from looking like you just rolled out of that suitcase yourself.

Whether you're looking for powerful performance, versatility and value, or easy maintenance, there are plenty of great options on the market that can help make your next trip completely wrinkle-free. No matter your needs or your budget, you'll find a few of the most popular and highly-rated models available now below.

A Compact, Affordable Travel Steamer With The Most Five-Star Reviews

When it comes to travel steamers, the URPOWER Garment Steamer is one of the best overall models on the market, and not just in terms of value. Not only is this compact, handheld steamer really affordable at $20, but it comes with a nozzle design that distributes steam evenly to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles. It heats up in just two minutes and the 130-milliliter water tank runs for about 7 to 10 minutes of continuous use each time you fill it up. Plus, it even has an automatic shut-off function if it gets too hot or runs out of water. With more than 4,000 reviews on Amazon, this is one of the most popular and well-rated models around and reviewers say it even works as an alternative to ironing when you're in a bind. If you've never used a travel steamer before, this is one of the easiest, most efficient options to use that won't break the bank.

A Portable Travel Steamer With A Collapsible Handle For Easy Storage

Like the URPOWER Garment Steamer, the Travel Smart from Conair is incredibly affordable and offers terrific handheld functionality. But one of the major differences between the URPOWER and the Travel Smart — and the thing that may be a deciding factor for some — is that this option has an awesome collapsible handle that makes packing it away super convenient. Although it's small, you can steam at any angle for 10 minutes at a time using the Travel Smart. Since it's also equipped with worldwide dual voltage, it'll work basically everywhere and has multiple attachments that will ensure your outfit looks flawless. One reviewer described taking it on a trip to Europe, where it was a "life saver." The reviewer added: "I like it better than the [full-sized steamer] we have at home and when I just need to steam one or two items I will definitely use this over our large one."

The Smallest and Most Lightweight Travel Steamer That Doubles As An Iron

Size doesn't always equate to power, and that's definitely the case with this tiny steamer from PurSteam, which is one of the smallest yet mightiest options on the market today. It comes equipped with dual voltage, so you can literally take it around the world, and it's the perfect pick for someone with limited luggage space at their disposal. At 420 watts, it's got a high capacity, produces up to 30 percent more steam flow than comparable models, and comes at a fraction of the cost.

A Handheld Garment Steamer That Lasts Longer Than All The Rest

Eager to freshen up your clothes when you're on the go? If so, then this powerful steamer with a 1,200-watt capacity and an ultra-large, 8.7-ounce water tank is a terrific investment. It comes with a continuous steam function that is ideal for steaming large items, and it comes equipped with an automatic shut-off so you'll never burn or blister your hands when it's in use. However, there are two unique features that set this steamer apart from other options. It preheats in just 35 seconds and can run continuously for 14 minutes, making it one of the longest continuous running steamers on the market. Another terrific perk with this appliance is that it can be used vertically and horizontally with no leaking, so it offers the maximum amount of flexibility, especially when you're trying to steam clothes, tablecloths, sofas, and other heavy fabrics. Along with the attachments, including a fabric brush and lint brush, you'll get everything you need to maintain your attire with this one.

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