The 4 Best Tweezers For Facial Hair

For those who are sick of failed attempts at removing a single chin, lip, or eyebrow hair, the best tweezers for facial hair are a worthy investment. That said, if you're wondering "which tweezers are the best?" the better question is really, "For what?" Once you narrow down your needs, your search becomes infinitely easier — which is great news, given the overwhelming selection that's available.

There are all different types of tweezers, and even when you're planning on using yours solely for the facial area, there are all different types of facial hair, too. Hairs on the chin and eyebrows will likely be thicker, courser, and longer, while peach fuzz on the lips and cheeks is probably thinner and harder to grab. For the most part, the wider and more textured the tip is, the better it'll be for thick hair, and vice versa; the thinner the tip, the more effectively it'll grab onto thin, short hairs.

Precision alignment and hygienic materials are also important factors when choosing the best tweezers for you. Essentially, "aligned for precision" means that the manufacturer took extra steps to ensure that the tips were perfectly lined up, so that the tweezers could more effectively grab onto hairs. When it comes to materials, all the options listed here are made primarily from high-quality stainless steel, since it's non-porous, easy to sanitize, and resistant to corrosion. Given that your tweezer will be exposing hair follicles and potentially puncturing the skin, it's important to ensure that they can be (and are) kept clean.

No matter which types of facial hair you're looking to remove, these are the four best options available.


The Best Tweezers For Facial Hair, All Things Considered

Because of their slanted, precision-aligned stainless steel tips, Zizzili Basics tweezers are effective when it comes to removing virtually all types of facial hair. The elongated edge can be angled to grab thick, long eyebrow hairs, but the sharp tip is also well-suited for finer peach fuzz.

This pair is made with calibrated tension to prevent breaking the hair at the skin or allowing the strand to slip through your grip. All in all, it's a great pair of tweezers for just $11, which is why reviewers love it. You can get these in your choice of silver or black, and each pair comes with a bonus storage pouch.

Reviewers say: "These tweezers just arrived so I raced to the mirror to see if they deserved all the praise. What a difference. Every hair was removed with one gentle tug - no more yanking three or four times before finally getting it right or abandoning the effort."


The Best Tweezers For A Great Value

For those looking to cover all their bases in one high-quality, affordable set, Tweezer Guru is the way to go. They're already one of the top-rated tweezer companies on Amazon, but this versatile set offers four full-sized tools for just $10. It includes a slant tip for eyebrows, a pointed slant for precision plucking, a point tip for ingrowns and short, fine follicles, and a flat tip for large surfaces areas. Each one is expertly-aligned, made with stainless steel, and comes with its own designated spot in the faux-leather storage case.

Reviewers say: "These are the best tweezers I have ever owned! I really like that there is a different type of tweezer point for different needs."


The Best Tweezers For Fine Hair

Thanks to their extremely thin, sharp tips, Majestic Bombay surgical tweezers are especially effective when it comes to grabbing the shortest, finest hairs — whether that's on the upper lip, cheeks, or chin. They're aligned and calibrated to allow for the utmost control, and the stainless steel tips are also ideal for dislodging and removing ingrown hairs. Finally, since they only grab one hair at a time, they're the best choice for those who prefer precision while grooming their eyebrows.

Reviewers say: "Great for small chin and lip hairs," one says, while another writes, "The very fine point allows for great precision when trying to remove stray hairs or splinters. I especially like the fact that they come with a tiny plastic cap that fits on the end of the tweezers to protect the point and, more importantly, to protect my fingers when searching for these in my makeup bag."


The Best Tweezers For Eyebrows And Course Hair

They may be a sizable investment, but there are several features that make the Regine Switzerland slant tip tweezers the absolute best when it comes to course hair on the chin or eyebrows. For one, the 25-degree slant tip conforms to various contours and has enough surface area to grab onto extra thick hairs. For another, the pair undergoes a 40-step quality-assurance process that checks for optimal alignment and superior craftsmanship. Last — and definitely not least — the tip is coated in genuine crushed diamonds to provide the best grip possible, which in turn helps to ensure that the entire root is removed.

Reviewers say: "After reading the other reviews about how great these tweezers were, I was skeptical that a pair of tweezers could really be that good, especially for the price ... I ordered them and fully intended to return them. But these really live up to their claim; they are the best tweezers I have ever used ... If you're skeptical, go ahead and order them anyway; you won't be disappointed."

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