These Tweezers Are The Key To Plucking Fine Hairs
by Lisa Fogarty
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Tweezers seem like a pretty straightforward grooming tool. You need a pair that can pull hair — how difficult can that be? But no two pairs of tweezers are quite the same, and your best choice depends on your plucking needs. The best tweezers for fine hair on your eyebrows are going to be different than the best tweezers for pulling tiny ingrown hairs or splinters.

For snagging most of those baby hairs on your face and body, you're looking for tweezers that are slanted in design. While a flat base can be a good choice for thicker hairs, look for a small angled tip when it comes to the fine hairs on your brows and beyond. The slant tip, as it's often called, will give you the precision you need to target a single fine hair while avoiding the pain of too much poking. However, if fine ingrown hairs are what you're tackling, a pointed pair might be a better choice since the poking action will come in handy (just be sure to sanitize the tweezers and ingrown hair area thoroughly before you begin).

Depending on the brand you're shopping, you can spend upwards of $50 or more on a single set. And while there are luxury tweezers with qualities that make them a good pick for some people, there are options out there that will complete most jobs just as well that cost less than $20.

Grab one of these tweezers for fine hair, and you'll have smoother skin without all of the effort.


The Best Overall Tweezer For Fine Hair

These affordable tweezers are consistently named some of the best around, including winning Good Housekeeping's seal of approval. They are made from sturdy and durable stainless steel and have the perfect slant that can grab hold of the finest hairs and pull them out in one flick without cutting them at the root.

They also come in a bright red shade, a good option if you need to find them quickly in the bottom of a bag. Some reviewers cautioned that the sharp tip could almost be a little too sharp, so extra care might be required around delicate facial areas.

With a lifetime free sharpening guarantee, one reviewer insists that these tweezers will last you forever: "There are no better tweezers anywhere at any price — and these are well worth the price you will pay. Free sharpening is an additional benefit. If you can hang on to these, you'll never need another pair of tweezers."


The Best Tweezer For Fine Ingrown Hairs

Not only do these stainless steel tweezers cost less than $10, but they also boast more than 3,500 reviews and a 4.3 overall rating, making them one of the most popular options on Amazon. Thanks to their sharp point, they're perfect for pulling out the tiny ingrown hairs slant tweezers can't reach. These are also the tweezers you're going to want to grab if you ever get a splinter or a stray piece of glass stuck in your skin, which makes them a grooming tool that doubles as a first aid necessity.

It would be difficult to find a better review than this one written by a doctor who loves these tweezers and believes they are effective: "As a physician, my first instinct is to look for quality. These tweezers are absolutely 'surgical grade.' The main question regarding tweezers is whether the tips match and line up exactly. No space is visible, even with a bright light behind it, when the tweezers are gently closed. This is what I noted with these tweezers, and I have been extremely happy with them when I use them for my patients."


Best Slant Tweezer For Tight Spaces

These tweezers have one of the smallest slanted tips you'll find on a tweezer, which makes them excellent for tackling fine hairs on crowded areas of your face such as your upper lip or brows. They are made in the USA from stainless steel and are carefully aligned so you're in a better position to grab and snag those small hairs that would otherwise get lost in the tip of some other tweezers.

One reviewer writes: "They are worth the little extra money for their quality. They do the job very well without damaging skin and also without having to go over the hair multiple times." That said, because they are so delicate, some other customers reported having a little difficulty pulling thicker, more stubborn hairs out in one go.


The Best Hybrid Point And Slant Tweezer

The advantage of owning a hybrid point and slant tweezer like this stainless steel option is that they work for a variety of situations. The slant portion makes it easy to grab and hold on to fine hairs around your face, while the point can double as a tweezer for ingrown hairs and splinters. For an added touch, a textured coating prevents slipping.

One reviewer confirms that these tweezers are effective when it comes to grabbing baby hairs: "The sharp tips help grab the tiniest hair. My favorite tweezers to date."

While it has a 4.4 rating overall, some reviewers noted that the tip can be very sharp, so it might not be the best choice for those with shaky hands or those who are mostly plucking around delicate facial skin.

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