These Vibrating Butt Plugs Are The Underrated Sex Toy You Need To Try


In my humble opinion, butt plugs are one of the most underrated sex toys out there. They seem to be relegated to either the kink community or people who only have anal sex, and though they haven't really broken into the mainstream, I think it's high time that they do. Butt plugs can up the sensations during penetrative sex, but they can add some spice to solo sessions, too. And while standard butt plugs are great, keeping one of the best vibrating butt plugs in your goodie drawer can amp things up even further.

The first butt plug myth to debunk is that you need to be having anal sex to enjoy them — that's absolutely untrue. Plugs can make penetrative sex between people with vaginas and penises better, too. When you insert a butt plug, it makes your vaginal canal more narrow, since that canal just so happens to run parallel to your rectum. This makes plugs great for couples in which the person with the penis is a little smaller. And when you add vibrations to the mix, it makes things that much saucier.

One word of advice, though. A lot of these plugs are a little larger than most experts would recommend you begin with. So if you're new to the world of butt plugs, start with your fingers first, then work your way up to bigger toys as you begin to feel more comfortable. Beginners may also want to hold off on the vibrations at first, as the sensations can be a lot to handle.

And now, scroll on to discover the five best vibrating butt plugs you can buy on Amazon.


The Best Vibrating Anal Beads

What do you get when you combine anal beads, a vibrator, and a butt plug? You get this vibrating anal beads plug. This is actually a great anal sex toy for beginners because the beads are stacked in descending order, so you can insert one at a time until you work your way up to the entire thing. It offers an impressive 16 vibration modes, which are provided via a removable bullet that can be inserted into the toy (that means, you can also use this plug sans bullet for some non-vibrating pleasure, and use the bullet on its own — so it's really like you're getting three toys in one). Other highlights include the soft, silicone, waterproof material with which its made, a textured tip that offers even more prostate stimulation, and a quiet motor. One reviewer called it "The ideal starter anal toy."


A More Classic Butt Plug Choice

This classic butt plug gets the job done with a simple spiral design and some intense vibrations. Like the toy above, this one comes with a removable bullet, so you can use this plug with or without the vibrations, depending on the mood you're in. It's made of waterproof, medical-grade silicone and has a corkscrew design that makes it easy to insert. Plus, it's USB-rechargeable, which is always convenient, and it even comes with a bonus packet of lube.


The Best Prostate Massager

For a traditional prostate massager, this vibrator from sex toy experts, Paloqueth, is a great choice. Prostate massagers typically have a curved design to hit the prostate — the walnut-sized gland at the bottom of the urethra that's known as the male G-spot. This one does just that, and it's also waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and equipped with 10 different vibration modes. The other great thing about this specific prostate massager is that it comes with a remote control, which is especially useful when you're working with a toy that goes behind you. Since it's made of silicone, however, you'll want to make sure to use a water-based lube to avoid damaging the toy.


A Prostate Massager That Does A Bit More

If you're looking for a toy with a few more bells and whistles, this prostate massager can do three different things at once. It has three "arms," as opposed to just a tip and a base, to provide both inner and outer prostate stimulation, and all of them have a vibrating motor inside. One of the arms rests on the area between your anus and testicles, while the third "arm" that keeps the toy in place vibrates against the outer skin of your anus for even more stimulation. (There are a lot of nerve endings here, so it feels good.) The waterproof toy also comes with a remote-control for added convenience, as well as lube and a lube applicator, and it offers eight different vibration modes.

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