These At-Home Wax Strips Can Save You SO Much Money


Legs are a great body part for at-home waxing because they are easy to reach and the skin tends to be less sensitive. But doing it yourself still requires patience and preparation to minimize the ouch. That's why — if you decide to remove the hair on them — it’s so important to carefully choose the best wax strips for your legs.

While a salon service often involves a pot of hot wax and a cloth strip, novices or those looking for an easier option will find some great pre-waxed strips that quick and effective. Those looking for a more spa-like experience can also find choices that make it possible to get a high-end experience home.

No matter which you choose, be sure you've set yourself up for success with these tips:

  1. Make sure your hairs are long enough. Many waxes can pick up hair as short as 2 millimeters, but try to give yourself about two weeks of growth ideally.
  2. Exfoliate 24 to 48 hours beforehand to reduce irritation.
  3. Patch test any waxes you've never tried before a day ahead of time and check for any cuts, sunburns, or other irritation in the area you're planning on waxing — if there is, it is best to wait until the area has healed.

The wax strips below are ordered from easiest to more know-how, but no matter what, taking your time will always get you the best results.


The Easiest And Least Messy Choice

To use these, just warm up the strips in your hands, peel open, apply to the skin, press in the direction of hair growth (and only in the direction of hair growth), and zip it off along with the hair. With multiple uses out of each strip, Nad's will save a good deal of cash compared to the salon. "Awesome. I do not need to ever go get my legs waxed professionally. I can do it myself in under 30 minutes painlessly," a reviewer writes.

These are recommended for use with hair between 2 and 5 millimeters, making them a great option for those who want their legs to remain smooth almost all the time. However, some customers with thick hair found it took multiple pulls to be effective, so it might not be the best choice for those with especially tough hair.


An Easy But More Natural Choice

This resin-based wax formula claims to be salon quality but is conveniently packaged as ready-to-use strips. Much like the Nad's product, these are easy pull-and-stick wax strips. Unlike the Nad's, these are made from natural ingredients: pine resin, castor oil, and beeswax.

Instead of the plastic backing of some wax strips, Parissa uses cellulose, which is biodegradable. Certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and without parabens, these are consciously made while maintaining their effectiveness. However, while the Nad's are pitched as working for hair as short as 2 millimeters, Parissa recommends you wait until your hair is about 5 millimeters before using these.

"Works great. These are very effective for me and far less messy than hard wax. I find almost all the hair is gone with a single pass, and each strip I can use at least twice," a reviewer says. Customers also reported that using a hairdryer to warm these up can be easier and more effective than rubbing them in your hands.


For A Spa-Like Experience At Home

This kit doesn't include traditional strips because the wax itself becomes a strip. Heat the wax-filled cup up in the microwave until it's the consistency of honey, and after about three minutes, the concoction is ready to spread on legs (or brows, armpits, or anywhere else).

The spa-like experience includes a comfortable paraffin wax formula with a low melting temperature, and a pearly blue color that makes it easier to see where you're applying. The kit includes everything you'll need except the microwave, including multiple spatulas and a conditioner for before and after you wax so you can keep your skin looking it's best and to remove any strings of wax still hanging around.

While reviewers liked the minimal pinch involved, some lamented that the 5.3 ounces of product was only enough to do the legs once or twice, making it the priciest option out of the bunch.


The Best Choice For Those Who Know What They’re Doing

Use your waxing knowledge to save yourself some money. Whether you've been at-home waxing for years or are just taking the leap into a more salon-like routine, this pack of 100 large and 100 small non-woven strips gets the job done for less than 5 cents each. These will effectively remove hair on your legs when paired with a sugar wax suitable for sensitive skin or a warm, salon-style wax, and reviewers are thrilled with how these strips attached to wax. "I did my legs this past weekend. I use each strip about three times and then discard it. They remove the hair and grab the wax well. They are thick enough to not fall apart or rip. I will definitely order again," one happy customer, who stressed that she is "not a pro," reports.

The Tifara wax strips are durable enough for multiple uses, but don't expect them to be silky to the touch. Many reported them feeling more construction paper–like than cloth. Use the smaller strips for patch testing or around the ankles, face, and armpits.


Also Great: A Post-Wax Oil To Soothe And Reduce Irritation

After waxing, your legs will want a little love and moisture. This bottle combines soothing aloe vera (like you'd find in natural sunburn ointments) with vitamin E and essential oils. It includes azulene, a tried-and-true post-waxing ingredient said to reduce irritation. One happy shopper says: "I typically get little red bumps and irritation after I wax, so I was looking for something to help soothe the skin. I honestly didn't think it was going to do much, but I used this after my last wax, and it definitely helped calm the skin, and I had a lot fewer bumps!"

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