These Whetstones Are A Must-Have For Serious Cooks To Sharpen Knives At Home

sharpening the knife with whetstone

When it comes to the knife sharpening tools, culinary professionals typically prefer a whetstone because they allow you greater freedom to hone blades to any angle. The best whetstones are ones that come in a set, which contains several double-sided sharpening stones all with different levels of grit. These will give your knives the right sharp edge so they are effective and safe for all your cooking needs.

To get started finding the right set for you, it's helpful to understand how to use a whetstone and why so many culinary professionals prefer to use one. These rectangular blocks — which can also be called water or sharpening stones — basically function exactly like sandpaper for knives: the lower the number of grit, the more coarse the stone is. Consider 1,000 to 3,000 grit as your go-to for sharpening the average dull knife. Anything lower is intended to repair chip, and higher is more for refining and polishing.

To give you the best variety, the best sharpening stone kits will come with varying levels of grit. You may also get extras like a flattening stone for evening out surfaces, or a base that locks the block firmly in place on your counter.

Finally, remember there is a big learning curve when it comes to sharpening with a whetstone. It requires a freehand technique where you manually rub the blade across the surface at different angles until you get your desired result.

And if you're not quite ready to hone your skills on a stone, look for a gadget that features a pull-through design. They will still make your knives sharp and costs much less.

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The Overall Best Whetstone Knife Sharpening Kit

For the price, this Finew knife sharpening stone kit offers a tremendous value. It includes two, two-sided sharpening stones (one with 400/1000 grit and the other with 3000/8000 grit), as well as a coarse flattening stone, a leather polishing strap, and a knife "guide," which is an accessory that you clip to help you sharpen at the right angle. The kit also comes with two bases (bamboo and silicone) to help keep the stones in place as you safely sharpen your knife.

Helpful review: “First off I'd like to say this is a great value for the money. Excellent quality of whetstones and all the grades you need to sharpen any knife to mirror perfection. I would definitely recommend it to any person from beginner to pro. Finew packed their product extremely well, so no worries about broken stones. Plus they even included a tool to help you get that perfect 15 degree angle.”


The Most Affordable Whetstone Starter Kit For Beginners

Whetstone novices will appreciate the simplicity — and price— of a this kit by Sharp Pebble. The three-piece bundle comes with a two-sided waterstone (with the ideal "starter" grit of 400 and 1000), a non-slip rubber base, and a flattening stone. More than 650 Amazon reviewers have given this pick a perfect five-star rating because it's easy, affordable, and effective. Several fans also report that they've successfully used it for more than just kitchen knives. It will also work well for scissors, chisels, and pocket knives.

Helpful review: "This is the first Whetstone that I have purchased. I've always been into knives, but never into sharpening my own. I figured that it was time to finally learn so I made this purchase. It is by far the best investment that I have made that was knife related. It takes practice and patience, but once you get a rhythm, it makes your edges really sharp! The E-guide was really helpful as well."


The Best Splurge: A Whetstone Set With Everything You Need To Sharpen Your Knives

If you want to go all out and spare no expense, you likely won't find a higher quality knife sharpening kit than this one by Edge Pro. It includes five whetstones (with grits that measure from coarse to ultra-fine: 120, 220, 400, 600, and 1000), as well as two grit polish tapes. You'll also get an 8-inch, 1200-grit ceramic hone, which according to the manufacturer, is a "touch-up tool" that's intended to maintain the edge on your knife 10-15 times before you need another session with the stones. There is also a black case included to neatly store everything.

Altogether, this set can successfully sharpen any kind of knife, not just kitchen knives, up to 3.5-inches wide. Detailed instructions and an instructional DVD are also included to guide you through the process of using each whetstone. Amazon users give this pick a high 4.6-star rating overall, nothing that it's worth the money because "the end results are amazing."

Helpful review: “It was a lot to spend, but I finally have a way to put a fine edge on expensive knives without fuss. The instructions are clear, and the settings can be reproduced reliably. Once you have established a bevel, it takes very little time to resharpen the knives. The Edge-Pro can be quickly adjusted to accommodate blades of any size and shape, from heavy tactical blades to thin pen knives and everything in between. Kitchen knives are a breeze, even with thin, flexible blades.”


The Best For Those Who Prefer The Simplicity Of A Pull-Through Sharpener

You don't have to go the whetstone route to get properly sharpened knives at home. This Kitchellence kit will get the job done at an affordable price and with little technical skill required. It includes a cut-resistant glove and a manual pull-through knife sharpening tool with three slots, containing diamond, steel, or ceramic surfaces

To sharpen, you simply need to hold the tool with one hand while using the other to pull the knife through each slot. The coarseness of the diamond slot helps repair damaged blades, while the steel sharpens, and the ceramic slot polishes. In addition, this set comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes it an especially great option for beginners.

Helpful review: “This is perfect for what I need. I worked as a cook in a prime rib restaurant back in the last century, and spent hours and hours hand sharpening my blades on a stone. These days, I find I don’t have the time and space for that. But I like sharp blades. This is an inexpensive but effective solution. It is excellent in my kitchen and also my RV. It works quite well for my needs.”