These Highly Rated Whistling Tea Kettles Sing A Tune When Your Water Is Ready

A metal silver teapot on a gas stove in the kitchen

With no need for a timer or babysitting, a whistling tea kettle humbly lets you know when its work is done. But while it's a relatively straightforward purchase, all kettles aren't created equal. The best whistling tea kettles are made of stainless steel and offer a comfortable pour day after day.

Here's what to know before you shop.


Shopping for tea kettles will lead you to a lot of stainless steel options, which are popular for being durable yet lightweight. Resistant to rust, stainless steel is a stronger material overall and more high-end looking than alternatives like zinc alloy.

An enamelware coating may be added to protect the kettle’s metal, add attractive colors, and create better heat conduction, though it’s often at a premium and should never be left empty for too long on your heat source, which can result in a damaged coating. In any whistling tea kettle, built-up steam creates vibrations that eventually result in a whistle based on the kettle’s design; some whistling kettles may be louder than others.


The best tea kettles have heat-resistant handles wrapped in silicone or plastic/synthetic materials for safe pours of hot or boiling water. Some tea kettles even have rotating handles for a more comfortable refilling of the kettle. A well-designed handle also keeps your hand out of hot steam’s path as you pour.


Most tea kettles hold about 2 quarts of water. For one or two cups at a time, a tea kettle on the smaller side will serve you well. Smaller kettles will also be easier to store if you don’t need to use a kettle every day. Avid tea drinkers or those serving a group may prefer a larger tea kettle to cut back on trips to the stove.

Below are the best whistling tea kettles, whether you drink tea occasionally or every day.

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The Overall Best Whistling Tea Kettle

The best whistling tea kettle comes from trusted kitchen brand Oxo and is made of stainless steel with a silicone handle and knob on its lid that remain cool to the touch even as you pour boiling water. But the feature that sets it apart is its rotating handle, making filling, storing, and cleaning far easier than with other kettles.

A full pot boils enough water for about seven cups of tea (1.7 quarts) and reviewers report the kettle's whistle is loud and clear. This OXO kettle is also highly rated with more than 1,600 reviews, including from shoppers who say it is the "ideal kettle." It is safe on gas stoves but not compatible with induction stovetops.

A helpful review: “I rarely give anything 5 stars, but this kettle is perfect for me. It is a high quality stainless, made well work of art — no plastic to touch the water, no seam at the bottom, wide opening and well-fitting lid. The whistle isn’t terribly loud but it is pleasant. Pours lovely. I’m editing my review after a day to say the whistle certainly is loud enough when the pot is forgotten and gets very hot. Also, best pouring spout ever.”


The Best On A Budget

If you'd rather spend less on a kettle, this highly rated affordable tea kettle is under $20. Like my first pick, it's made of stainless steel, though it's slightly smaller with a capacity of about six cups of water (1.5 quarts). The kettle's handle and knob on the lid are made of plastic that remains cool.

With more than 5,000 reviews, including several appreciating its value, reviewers commented that it can be a bit noisy while heating up and the whistle is loud enough to be useful, but won't hurt your ears.

A helpful review: “For the price, this kettle was way more sturdy than I was expecting. I bought it to use with my first french press and it works just as a kettle should. As a bonus, it looks very stylish sitting on my stove so it's just going to stay there!"


A Stylish Tea Kettle To Add Personality To Your Stovetop

The best whistling tea kettle to instantly perk up your kitchen decor is this polka-dotted one from Kate Spade. It's also the largest pick on this list with a capacity of about 10 cups (2.5 quarts).

The pot itself is made of enamelware and steel. Its handle is modern-looking and made of steel; most reviewers report you'll need a pot holder or tea towel to hold it comfortably, since it does heat up. Reviewers commented they also like that the whistle is not too loud.

Choose from this sweet pattern or several cheerful colors, including aqua and lavender. And if that's not cute enough, the spout lid's engraving cheekily reads "whistle while you work."

A helpful review: “This tea kettle is so stylish but is also well made and sturdy. Being crafted of enamelware and zinc alloy, I doubt there’s going to be a problem with rust over time, and it makes for a decorative addition to the kitchen, just sitting on the stove. It holds 2.5 quarts, so it’s not overly large – just the right size ... The whistle is a bonus, and it arrives so beautifully packaged in the standard Kate Spade box, so it would be excellent for gift-giving."


A Classic French Tea Kettle That Will Last A Lifetime

Anyone with an induction cooktop knows it's not always easy to find a cooking tool that's compatible. This Le Creuset tea kettle is an enamel-covered stainless steel pot that can be used on all kinds of heat sources, including induction stovetops.

This kettle holds about seven cups of water (1.6 quarts) and it's also available in both slightly smaller and larger sizes. The wide surface area of its bottom helps heat water more quickly, and reviewers report the kettle retains heat well. The synthetic handle and knob are heat-resistant, and the handle is designed for an ergonomic grip. This kettle comes in several colorways, including dark grey, red, and blue.

A helpful review: “Perfect kettle! I didn't think I would find a good replacement for my lovely copper tea kettle but this one meets my requirements nicely. First, it's a perfect size. I can make a pot of tea and have enough water left for another full pot. Second, the water stays hot for longer than my copper kettle did. Third, it's beautiful. This color matches my kitchen nicely. Last, the whistle is loud and sharp. Love it!”