Ace Your Spring Cleaning: This Window Cloth Set Has More Than 2,000 Glowing Reviews

Woman cleaning window at home

Cleaning windows is tedious at best, and for top-notch results paper towels aren’t going to cut it. If you want clean, streak-free windows, the best window cleaning cloths are made microfiber. Finding the right one for you will largely come down to the type of window you plan on cleaning and the amount you want to spend.

Microfiber cleaning cloths have an ultra-silky surface — but if you zoomed in on their fibers, you would see finely split strands. This creates more surface area for latching onto dirt and dust, and as a result, they can pick up a lot more than regular fabrics (some advanced microfibers can pick up 100 times as much as paper towels).

That said, according to The Janitorial Store, there are three different types of microfiber cleaning cloths, ranging from heavy duty to microfine. A thick industrial microfiber cloth packs even more microfiber into the same surface area, which combined with their nubby texture, makes them ideal for wiping away tougher grime. Most window cleaning sets include a combination of a textured cloth for washing, with a smooth, ultra-thin cloth meant to be used for streak-free drying. This combination can even work together to clean your windows without a cleaning agent, if you’re into an eco-friendly option. You do have to wash microfiber cloths, of course, which might be inconvenient if you rely on a laundromat, but they’re a sustainable pick with great results.

Clean windows make a world of difference in how your space feels — and these are the best window cleaning cloths around.

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The One That Experts Love: This Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloth Set Made To Work Together

The E-Cloth window cleaning pack delivers immaculately clean windows without the chemicals, and has earned a cult following because of it (think: 2,000+ Amazon reviews). The system combines a textured "waffle" towel meant for rubbing away tougher dirt, and a super-fine cloth for drying that erases fingerprints, leaving a high-shine finish. These microfiber cloths were woven for optimum performance meant to be used just with water, to help cut down on household toxins — and together, they can remove up to 99% of bacteria, mold, pollen, and other grime from a surface. These much buzzed-over cleaning cloths have a 300-wash longevity guarantee and are backed by a recommendation from the United Kingdom's Good Housekeeping Institute. "Window cleaning has never been easier," one shopper raved. "My windows are shining and so clear you can't tell there's glass there!"


The Best On A Budget: This 8-Pack With Two Types Of Streak-Free Cleaning Cloths

This set of microfiber cleaning cloths is a budget-friendly alternative to the pick above. It has two nubby textured green towels that are used for damp cleaning and six ultra-smooth towels to ensure streak-free, low-lint drying. Using them together, you can clean effectively with just water, without a drop of soap. One reviewer prefaced that their Great Dane and cat loved to stare out the window, which left a lot of knee-level nose smudges. "I just cleaned the windows in my living room with these microfiber cloths and water. That's it. It took just a few minutes and my windows are spotlessly clean. I am literally shocked." For $17, you get a set of eight that breaks down to just over two bucks per towel.


These Fine Microfiber Window Cleaning Cloths That Are Gentle Enough For Screens

Similar to the picks above, these thin Microfiber Magic cleaning cloths can be used with just water, so there are no chemicals involved, yet they still promise to pick up 99.8% of all surface particles. You can use them damp or dry for cleaning everything from kitchen counters to delicate surfaces like electronic screens and camera lenses, but shoppers agreed these cloths worked especially well on glass and windows. They eliminate fingerprints and smudges for crystal-clear results. One professional housecleaner declared these were "Amazing on glass!" adding it was "Almost magical how it cleans windows and mirrors with no streaks." These come in a standard square shape, and they'll need to be air-dried for best results — and if properly cared for, they should last for up to five years.

They're available in packs of three, six, and ten.


The Best For Tackling Extra Grime: These Thick Industrial Microfiber Towels

These heavy-duty microfiber cleaning cloths feature a plush texture that buffs away tough dirt more effectively than their thinner and smoother counterparts. Shoppers agreed that these high-quality towels lasted quite a long time even with daily use. One reviewer commented "I bought them for my car (windows and washing) but now I use them for my home windows, mirrors and wiping down anything I really care about and don't want streaking." You can get these in lighter colors that are meant to show dust marks so you know when to swap out for a different towel, and a dark hue that's meant to be designated for grimy jobs only, so you always know to keep them separate.