The 4 Best Wine Stoppers

While there are many ways to preserve your leftover wine, deciding which is best for you may seem like a daunting task. The best wine stoppers will depend on what type of wine you drink and how long you want it to last for.

In general, many wines can last as long as a week with the right stopper. For highly carbonated varieties, like Champagne or other sparkling wines, the added shelf life will usually be closer to a couple of days. However, there are wine stopper that promise to make Champagne last for a week, as well.

Silicone stoppers can offer versatility in preserving both wine and Champagne for a couple of days. Meanwhile, vacuum wine stoppers take it one step further by working to stop the oxidation process (aka what compromises the taste of your wine), though they typically aren't suitable for sparkling wines. While there is some debate over vacuum wine stoppers and whether they actually work at extracting oxygen from the bottle, connoisseurs recommend giving it a try. According to Wine Folly, buying a vacuum wine stopper could be beneficial for full-bodied wines in particular, since they oxidize more quickly. So, if chardonnay is frequently kept in your fridge, this option would definitely make the most sense.

Wasting any of your favorite wine can be avoided when you buy the right wine stopper. And while this decision may seem like a lot of pressure, especially when it comes to pricier bottles, I’ve scoured through tons of Amazon reviews to help ease the stress. Read on to see which stopper you should add to your collection of wine accessories.


The Overall Best

What’s great about it: If you often go back and forth between regular and sparkling wines, these Outset silicone stoppers are a great fit. Designed to create an airtight seal in most bottles, this all-silicone option is easy-to-use, dishwasher-safe, and is both durable and flexible. Packaged in a set of four, these stoppers are a super affordable way to extend the life of your wine by a couple of days. They are most ideal for those who enjoy wine often and will finish a bottle in just a few days.

What fans say: These work great. They've lasted longer for me than traditional cork stoppers, and they fit every bottle I've tried with them. I'm able to wash them between uses, which is something I'm unable to do with reusable corks."


The Best Vacuum Wine Stopper

What’s great about it: This Original Vacu Vin vacuum stopper is simple to use and most effective for non-sparkling red and white wines. Simply insert the stopper and press the pump continuously until it "clicks." It's durable and made to last for years, but it should only be hand-washed. While this option won't work with sparkling wines, it will help stop the oxidation process for regular wine varieties to help keep the flavors in tact for up to a week.

What’s great about it: “It normally takes me a few days to finish a bottle of wine because I don’t drink every day and I live by myself. This product has saved my wine! The wine tastes fresh even several days after I opened the bottle. I tried another stopper that was supposed to get the air out, but it was terrible. This is a great product! It’s easy to use and keeps wine fresh.”


The Best Sparkling Wine Stopper

What’s great about it: For those who frequently drink Champagnes and other sparkling wines, this MiTBA sparkling wine stopper is designed to keep and preserve bubbles for up to a week while also adding pressure to increase carbonation. Made out of stainless steel that's easy-to-clean, this stopper is dishwasher-safe and 100 percent leak-free. Its universal fit can be applied to all kinds of bottles, including Prosecco, Champagne, and Cava. In case you aren’t fully happy with your purchase, this wine stopper comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What fans say: “I love, love, love this Champagne stopper. I’ve purchased other stoppers in the past — but this is the best! It’s easy to use. The pump is easy. On the top of the stopper there’s a twist top with numbers — you can twist it to the date number so you can remember when you sealed the Champagne (or in my case — Prosecco!)."


The Most Decorative Wine Stopper

What’s great about it: While a lot of decorative wine stoppers aren't the best at preserving wine, these cute Owltoppers stoppers are both functional and unique at the same time. Made out of silicone with an airtight seal in two sizes, these stoppers are extremely versatile and can also be used for sparkling wines, soda, and even oil and vinegar. However, for sparkling wine, it may only help it last for a couple of days.

What fans say: “These are great! Very cute and very durable. The best part is that they will never rust like the 'stainless' steel ones I used to buy. Two sizes are perfect for different-sized wine bottles as well.”


Also helpful: Wine Preserver Spray

What’s great about it: Although you’ll still need a stopper for this product, this Private Preserve wine preservation system is a great accessory to have. Designed to preserve your wine and keep it even fresher, the spray can be used up to 120 times and is made of a special formula of inert gas including argon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. This helps stop oxidation and maintain the wine’s character for weeks and possibly even months.

What fans say: “Works better than advertised and has a lot of uses in the can. Can't recommend this enough. You can open a bottle of good wine for one glass and enjoy the rest of it weeks from now with no taste change. Way way way cheaper than other quality preservation systems.”

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