3 Wireless Meat Thermometers That Let You Chill While You Grill


When it comes to cooking meat, a matter of just a few degrees can mean the difference between a tender steak and one that is tough or overcooked. And if it’s poultry you’re preparing, you can risk undercooking items like chicken, which can pose a health hazard. Using one of the best wireless meat thermometers is a foolproof way to ensure you get the best results every time you cook meat.

A good meat thermometer should share several characteristics. To start, look for one with an accuracy range of +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that your meat will be cooked as close to the recommended or preferred temperature possible. For the most versatility, look for a thermometer with a wide temperature range. A good thermometer should also allow you to pre-select your desired cooking temperature, and when it’s reached, will make an audible beep or alarm.

Keep an eye out for thermometers that come with an app, so you can monitor cooking progress without having to stay close to your food. If you’re cooking one piece of meat, or making a roast with an even thickness throughout, you can get away with a thermometer with a single probe. But having multiple probes is helpful if you’re cooking meat that isn’t uniformly sized, or if you’re cooking many items at once.

Whether basic or sophisticated, the best wireless meat thermometers below promise to take the guesswork out of cooking meat.


The Overall Best Wireless Meat Thermometer

It may not look fancy, but this $25 ThermoPro thermometer is straightforward and easy-to-use. Its design is reminiscent of a kitchen timer, allowing you to pre-set the desired cooking temperature, with some help from pre-loaded temperatures that comply with USDA recommendations for food safety. It has a simple two-probe design, and instead of having to manually toggle to see what’s happening on each probe, the screen clearly displays both at once. One thing to note is that this Thermopro thermometer doesn’t come with an app, so you’ll have to be within earshot to hear the alarm when your food is finished. But the simple and intuitive design makes this the best overall meat thermometer on this list.


The Best Splurge: A Rechargeable Meat Thermometer With An App

On the other end of the spectrum, this Inkbird USB-chargeable thermometer comes with a higher price tag but significantly more features. It has a simple on-off switch on the back, and the display screen is touch-sensitive and rotates. The Bluetooth-connected app lets you monitor cooking progress and view other data from your smartphone (like charts), so you don’t need to be in close proximity to where food is cooking. Unlike some other thermometers with an app, this one allows you to include text alongside your alarms. This can be handy if you’re cooking many things at once and need a reminder, such as adding a sauce or garnish before serving. A few reviewers noted that the readout on the thermometer can be hard to see, but if you plan to use the app this isn’t an issue.


The Most Affordable: A Basic Meat Thermometer With A Single Probe

It may be just $20, but this wireless meat thermometer from Oprol still has an app to set your cooking temperature and monitor your meat while it cooks. The thermometer comes with a single probe, which is sufficient if you’re cooking for one. The probe’s thin, stainless steel handle is slightly thinner than other probes’, making it ideal for delicate or thin pieces of meat or fish, as the probe is less likely to fall over and slip out during cooking. With a thin design and a cord that wraps around the thermometer itself, this option is great for kitchens where space is limited. It even can be stored neatly in a small kitchen drawer, or stuck to a metal surface using built-in magnets.


The Best For A Crowd: A Wireless Meat Thermometer With Six Probes

This wireless meat thermometer from Nobebird offers a lot of versatility and comes with six probes. While other thermometer models may have six ports as well, few come with the proper amount of probes included. This one does, so you won't have to shell out for any additional parts after the fact. Four of the probes have colorful silicone grips, and two are made entirely from stainless steel. While the silicone design makes the probes easy to grip, they can't withstand the same high temperatures as the entirely stainless probes (482 degrees versus 716 degrees). So save the stainless probes for high-heat cooking like grilling. The app lets you quickly cycle between the six probes, and the display screen is bright and easy to read, even if you’re grilling outdoors at night.

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